Warhammer 40,000 PSP Squad Command Strategy Guide: Space Marine Units and Weapons

Warhammer 40,000 PSP Squad Command Strategy Guide: Space Marine Units and Weapons
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Scouts, Marines and Terminators

Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command for the Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS lets players control a squad of Ultra Marines through nine missions. The game also offers a multi-player mode for those who want to experience competitive play with other people. (Other players must have the cartridge.) The missions follow the kill the enemy leader or destroy the enemy base patterns.

The game starts when a squad of ultra marine scouts are sent out to kill an enemy commander. They have the bolt rifle which will be the standard weapon for all the units in the game. The Ultramarine Scouts have light armor and less health than your other units.

Space marines will be your standard unit with more armor than the scouts and a greater health total tan the scouts. Standard space marines move less quickly, but their secondary weapons can do a lot more damage than a scout’s secondary weapons

Ultra Marine terminators represent the pinnacle of human development and the ultimate dedication to the emperor. Because of their faithful service, space marine terminators have been rewarded with the best armor that the Imperium can offer its super soldiers.

Space Marine Weapons in Squad Command

The bolt rifle is the basic weapon of the Ultramarine. The bolder has unlimited ammo, has a moderate range and it does decent damage. The bolt rifle serves as the basic weapon, but the secondary weapons allow the player different tactical options.

The combat shotgun is a secondary weapon that scouts can use. It does little damage at long-range, but is a good close range co weapon that can be used to eliminate multiple enemies close to your unit. The sniper rifle is a scout weapon that allows a character to take out an enemy unit from afar.

Plasma rifles are available only to space marines of terminators. Plasma rifle have a s shorter range than the bolt rifles, but they excel at removing walls and other obstacles. The rocket launcher, long-range area of effect weapon, becomes available later in the game.

Overwatch: an Importasnt Strategic Element

The overwatch ability allows your units to respond to enemy units that come within range of your units on your opponent’s turn.The additional shot that a scout, space marine, or terminator can while on overwatch just might eliminate a troublesome enemy. While the concept seems simple, Overwatch is the most important tactic to master in 40,000 Squad Command.

Using Cover in Squad Command

Cover is an essential element strategic element in the Warhammer 40,000 Table top miniatures game. Placing your units behind cover does not always prevent them from taking damage. The effective use of cover makes it less likely that your units will take damage from enemy attacks. It does not always work because the Chaos Space Marines also use area effect weapons that can destroy walls.

Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command Basic Strategy and Simple Walkthrough

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A walk-through for each mission is not really necessary for this game as all the missions use the same basic pattern for the strategy. There is always a path where the Ultramarine chapter of space marines encounters the least amount of resistance and takes the least amount of damage. The path in the first mission is to the right of the screen, and the path in the second mission is to the left of the screen.

The boss strategy may vary slightly. Save some ammunition from one of your heavy weapons to use on the boss at the end of each level. Give your units a variety of secondary weapons when they become available. Each secondary weapon allow for a different strategy. The key to winning multi-player matches is to use cover and overwatch effectively.

The game strategy may be simple enough to make a detailed walkthrough for the story line missions unnecessary, but completing each mission does lead to some relatively cool cinematic scenes that capture the feel of the Warhammer 40K universe.