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Prototype Event Guide Part 3: Infected and Military Consume Events

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Consume events encompass a diverse range of objectives, some of which are extremely difficult. Defeating the worst consume events in a normal fight can be nearly impossible. It is important to play smarter, not harder.

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    For the last part of the Prototype event guide we'll be taking a look at consume events. These events are started by - you guessed it - consuming either a military or infected opponent marked on the map. Once that has been done, the objectives will be outlined and the player sent to take care of business. Consume events can be the hardest in the game due to demanding time limits. Beating them requires speed, strength, and a good plan of attack.

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    Infected Consume Events

    Infected Consume events are all about killing hives Infected Consume events are the least difficult and the least diverse of the two types of consume events. They are started by grabbing and consuming an infected person marked with the radioactive sign. The mission will then begin. The objective is to destroy a nearby infected Hive within the time limit. This is an open-ended objective, and there are a few good ways to achieve it.

    The most popular and easiest way to win is to grab a helicopter and destroy the hive from the skies. Of all the methods of victory, this is by far the easiest. There is zero chance that the Infected will be able to retaliate, as hunters can only jump so high and they have no ranged weapons. This method is so simple that it makes one wonder why the military feels the need to have its helicopters engage at point-blank range in every engagement.

    Of course, using the helicopter means gaining access to a helicopter, which might not always be possible. If a helicopter is not available, artillery strikes are a good option. Two can typically take out a hive, and they can be engaged from afar as with the helicopter strategy. If no artillery strikes are available to Alex, then the third best alternative is to destroy the hive by using devastator attacks on the roof. It doesn't sound like it should work, but it does. Alex can use his best devastators to level the hive in three or four strikes, and the hunters which come to stop Alex can be used as food for triggering the attacks. Once the hive is destroyed the event is over and EP rewarded. There are no medal rankings for consume events.

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    Military Consume Events

    While Infected Consume events focus on taking out a hive, Military Consume events have a wide range of potential objectives.

    One possible objective is a challenge to consume three Web Of Intrigue targets before the timer runs out. Don't worry - the targets are marked on your map. This type of event is actually similar to a Movement event in that the greatest challenge is Alex's environment. Once the target is in range, Alex can simply grab them, pummel them, and move on to the next target. Accomplishing this objective is a matter of navigating obstacles quickly.

    A related possible objective asks that Alex consume three scientists. These scientists are in the same area and are protected by three guards. The guards are regular gun-wielding military baddies and pose no threat, but Alex will receive bonus EP for each of the guards he consumes. While these events are technically timed, the time limit is lifted when Alex arrives at the area the scientists are investigating. These missions are extremely easy, and require no particular strategy.

    A more difficult possible objective is one which asks Alex to infiltrate a military base and consume a specific character. These are easy in the early game, but once viral detectors, which can see through Alex's disguise, arrive they become quite hard. To make matters worse, Alex's attempts to infiltrate the base are timed. This effectively means that being discovered once will result in a mission failure. Any detection will cause helicopters, tanks, and hoards of soldiers to arrive. The best strategy for completing these events is to slowly and carefully deactivate the viral detectors while in military disguise by getting close to them and using the sabotage button. Keep an eye on Alex's disguise HUD to make sure he is not about to be discovered. Once the detectors are inactive, consume a commander using stealth consume and enter the base. The mission is simple thereafter as the time limit is lifted and Alex can potentially kill all the enemies inside the base on his own. Military Consume events can turn into losing battles 

    Last, but not least, is the objective which asks Alex to destroy a military base. This is the hardest because it virtually guarantees that Alex will be facing strike teams in addition to base defenses. The best strategy is usually to use a vehicle, preferably a helicopter but potentially a tank, to hit the base from afar. Both approaches are far from an easy win as the military will bring its own helicopters and tanks against Alex, but doing this will avoid most of the defenders huddled around the base. If vehicles are not available it is best to rely on artillery strikes. If those are also not available, forget it. Come back later. It is technically possible to destroy a base with devastator attacks, but it is extremely difficult and usually results in a quick death.

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    The Eventful Conclusion

    This concludes the Prototype event guide. The events in Prototype do become more and more challenging over time, but the basic strategies in this guide should continue to be the foundation for defeating them. The powers which Alex gains are incredible, and they will be needed in order to beat the most difficult events, but while the difficulty changes the formula remains the same.

Prototype Event Guide

Prototype has numerous events which act as the game's side-quests. Each event requires a specific strategy, and they can become very difficult as the game progresses. This guide provides tips for beating each type of event.
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