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Prototypes Event Guide Part 1: Think on your Feet

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Prototype's most peaceful events - the game's side-missions - are the Glide and Movement events. These event types focus on Alex's extreme mobility, giving ample opportunity to practice precision as well as speed.

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    An Eventful Day

    Prototype's Events are side-missions that spice up gameplay While Prototype has a fairly lengthy campaign, it is like many sandbox games in that it also offers numerous side-missions. These missions, or Events as they are called in Prototype, offer a number of different challenges which can often be just as difficult as the main campaign missions. Completing the missions offers rewards in the form of Evolution Points which can be used to upgrade Alex's abilities.

    This section concentrates on the mobility driven Movement and Glide events. These events require careful timing and proper use of jump, speed, and Air Dash upgrades.

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    Movement Events

    Movement events are basic point-to-point races against the clock. The points are represented by glowing green markers that must be reached in sequence. The lower the time achieved, the better the medal reward and the larger the EP reward.

    The basic movement events are completable with few upgrades of mobility powers, but as they become more difficult it becomes more and more important to have the mobility powers well upgraded. Sprint speed is less important than you'd think because most of the routes take place on a number of different levels, giving little chance to break into a full sprint. Jump upgrades are more important, and the Air Dash upgrades are amazing. A double Air Dash will get Alex between skyscrapers quicker. Glide can be easy to rely on, but don't get into the habit of breaking out Glide every time a movement across the air is required. Using Air Dash is much quicker.

    Restraint is just as important as speed in the movement events. Alex can move so quickly that it is easy to overrun a checkpoint. If a goal if overshot, jump, turn, and Air Dash back. And don't forget about the Armor, Elbow Slam, and Shield abilities. Shield will get your through a heavy pack of cars quickly, Armor can act as a slow for instances where rough ground makes Alex unmanageable at full tilt, and Elbow Slam can get Alex to the ground quickly.

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    Glide Events

    Mobility is key to Glide and Movement events Glide events are simple. The event begins with Alex being on a top of some moderately tall structure. Below is a bulls-eye drawn in green. To get the gold, Alex needs to be placed in the middle of the bulls-eye.

    There are two skills needs to complete these missions, and both are not always needed. One skill is distance. Some of the bulls-eyes are far enough the way that simply jumping and gliding won't get Alex to the bulls-eye. To gain the maximum distance, make sure to time the glide so that it is activated at the pinnacle of the jump. This can be practiced on the top of any building. Air Dash is also extremely useful. After a certain amount of time, Glide will allow Alex to start falling like a stone. Activate an Air Dash and then break back into a glide for extra distance.

    The second important skill is accuracy. As with jumping before the Glide, this is a skill of timing. It takes some practice to determine where you'll land at the end of a glide. Accuracy can be improved by using Air Dash. Double Air Dash covers enough ground (er...air) to get Alex from about the edge of the bulls-eye to the center and can be the difference between a failed Glide and a gold medal.

    After a few practice runs, Glide events become one of the easiest. Should the seam difficult, practice. Many of the bulls-eye locations center around a fountain or some other obvious central location, so it is simple to guesstimate how well you'd do without taking the time to actually enter the event.

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    A War Like Nature

    That's it for the first part of the Prototype Events Guide. The next section will cover more violent Kill and War events, both of which focus on mass extermination of opponents within a set time limit.

Prototype Event Guide

Prototype has numerous events which act as the game's side-quests. Each event requires a specific strategy, and they can become very difficult as the game progresses. This guide provides tips for beating each type of event.
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