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Prototype Event Guide Part 2: Kill, Death, War

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Prototype is a violent game, and the Kill and War events capitalize on the death and mayhem inherent in Prototype's game-play. Both are basically exercises in killing against the clock, but War events and Kill events require a few differences in strategy.

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    A Bit of the old Ultra-Violent

    Prototype's missions, called events, offer a number of different ways to play. And while some such as Glide and Movement are peaceful, Kill and War most certainly are not. Both of these events will challenge Alex's combat abilities in a variety of ways. In some cases, surviving can be half the battle. This part of the Prototype Event Tips Guide covers how to dominate in the exciting and bloody world of Kill and War events.

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    Kill Events

    Prototype's Kill events are exercises in mayhem Kill events are short combat scenarios which require Alex to kill a certain number of enemies within a certain time in order to obtain a medal. The quicker Alex is, the better the medal obtained. Each kill event will require Alex to use a certain kind of weapon or power. Some even require Alex to jump in a tank or helicopter.

    The strategy involved can vary a fair bit depending on the method of death the event asks Alex to dish out, but aggressiveness always pays off. Because of the time limit, any moment not spent killing opponents hurts. Alex is so powerful that he will often clear the immediate field of opponents. It is tempting to wait for the red dots on the radar to come to Alex, but doing so will waste time. If no enemy is in immediate range, then find one - and quick.

    Surviving is also important. It is easy to forget about defenses when trying to move quickly from one target to the next. If the Shield or Armor powers are available, use them. Alex will be fighting in the same general area throughout the event which means the mobility drawbacks are less important. Stopping to consume an opponent consumes as much time as flesh, and the best results will happen when Alex does not have to stop for a snack.

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    War Events

    War Events also focus on combat, but be careful not to kill allies In many ways, War events are similar to Kill events. However, in War events Alex is sided with either the Infected or the Military and will have to fight off enemies on the opposing side while ensuring that all allies do not die. In fact, keeping allies alive is overall a great benefit as those allies will assist in helping kill off enemies, reducing mission times.

    This means that defense becomes an element of strategy. This can be difficult to handle, as Alex is not well suited for assisting allies. In fact, one of the most important and basic skills that the War events require is the ability to fight in close quarters without killing allies. This means forgoing the usual crowd-control method of spamming Blade attacks. Muscle Mass can be extremely useful thanks to increased hand-to-hand damage and the ability to throw objects with a fair amount of precision. A few missions will make things easier on Alex by pairing him with the military and giving him a gun, but in some cases that gun has splash damage, which requires restraint.

    As the clock ticks on and the casualties mount on both sides, War events start to unravel into Kill events. A point will eventually be reached where there are only around ten individuals left on either side. At this point Alex needs to become extremely aggressive to keep the timer from running on. Because War events feature Alex and allies, Alex is not the automatic target. Enemies will gladly battle allies without turning their attention on Alex. Alex must move quickly towards the last remaining targets as they will not turn their attention on Alex without provocation. There is also no constant respawn - the enemies there at the start are it, which further emphasises the need to actively hunt down remaining opponents.

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    On To The Next One

    Now that this second part of the guide has provided tips for the Kill and War events, and the first part of the guide provided information on the Movement and Glide events, there are only two more kinds of events left. These will be covered in the final section of this Prototype events guide. Now, happy killing!

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