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    • Prototype Combat Guide: How to Kill Everything
      Prototype involves combat. A lot of combat. Tanks, gunships, mutated infected and fat super soldiers are just some of the enemies Alex must deal with. This Prototype combat guide gives pointers on how to kill some of the most common and troublesome enemies in the game.
    • Prototype Combat, Disguise, Vehicles and Weaponry Guide
      This detailed guide for Prototype on the PC provides you with all the information you need on the various upgrade possibilities in the game. This part focuses on Combat upgrades, Disguise skills and upgrades and Vehicle and Weaponry skills.
    • Prototype Review
      Prototype is a seriously action packed thrill ride through New York. You play as Alex Mercer, a man afflicted by a mysterious virus which gives you incredible destructive powers. There are a few flaws but this is a lot of fun.
    • Prototype Powers, Movement and Survivability Guide
      This is guide to the various upgrades you can buy in the action packed PC game Prototype. In this first part we take a look at Prototype powers, movement and survival upgrades.
    • Prototype Stealth Guide: In Plain Sight
      Alex Mercer is tough cookie. But he is also capable of hiding from an entire army while in plain sight. Using his disguise powers is often the difference between success and defeat, and is usually the only way inside a military base.
    • Prototype Event Guide Part 3: Infected and Military Consume Events
      Consume events encompass a diverse range of objectives, some of which are extremely difficult. Defeating the worst consume events in a normal fight can be nearly impossible. It is important to play smarter, not harder.
    • Prototype Tips on the PS3
      Curious how to unlock hard mode for Prototype? Wish you had some extra advice to help you avoid nasty situations while finding easy ways to earn achievements? This tip guide will show you how to do all this and more. Take Prototype to a whole new level with these intriguing hints.
    • Prototype Cheats for the PS3
      Prototype is a hot game to hit the market from Radical Entertainment. Follow the harrowing story of Alex Mercer as he races to uncover the dark secrets of his life. Learn helpful hints, gain new talents, and use cheats that will help your through the dark world that unfolds in Prototype.
    • Prototype Event Guide Part 2: Kill, Death, War
      Prototype is a violent game, and the Kill and War events capitalize on the death and mayhem inherent in Prototype's game-play. Both are basically exercises in killing against the clock, but War events and Kill events require a few differences in strategy.