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Prototype Tips on the PS3

by: Star189 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Curious how to unlock hard mode for Prototype? Wish you had some extra advice to help you avoid nasty situations while finding easy ways to earn achievements? This tip guide will show you how to do all this and more. Take Prototype to a whole new level with these intriguing hints.

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    Hard Mode

    Think Prototype is too tame for your liking? Beat the game through on normal mode and a special hard mode will be unlocked. Have fun testing your skills out and show off to all your friends.

    Platinum Events

    Just as there is a harder version of the game itself, there are harder events to put your gamer skills to the test. Beat every event in the game and earn gold and you will unlock the platinum events.


    If you're curious about some of the loose ends in Prototype, finish all the Scientist Consume events and you'll be rewarded with the location of Karen Parker. Try it out and put your curiosity to rest.

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    Game CoverExplore the CityDefeat Opponents
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    These hints will help you out of sticky situations, from annoying military men to beating the final boss.

    "The Butcher" and "Speed Bump" Trophies

    These two trophies require you to kill a certain number of people. To do this, take a tank and drive it into a red zone. Start running over the crowds on the sidewalk, and you'll breeze right through to get these trophies. Alternatively, when you have the Critical Mass and Tendril Devastator, you can disguise yourself and sneak into a crowd in Times Square. Then use your Tendril Devastator to massacre the people around you and earn "The Butcher" trophy.

    Find the Infected Towers

    Having a hard time locating infected water towers? A quick cheat to help you out is simply to look for circling crows. They gather around infected water towers. Find the crows and you'll find the infected towers.

    Final Boss

    Ready to take on the final boss? If you need a little help, try this hint. You'll want to switch into Armor and Blade for the fight, then use Air Blade Slash on your enemy. When he goes down, punch him until he gets up. This is a great way to tilt the odds in your favor.

    Quick Get-Away

    When you need to hide in a hurry, find a body of water. Jump in and disguise yourself as you touch water. They'll never notice you, and you can make a quick get-away.