Top PS2 Accessories, 5 Must Have Accessories for Sony's Playstation 2 Console

Top PS2 Accessories, 5 Must Have Accessories for Sony's Playstation 2 Console
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The PS2 You Love & The PS2 Accessories You Want

Sony’s PS2 is arguably the most popular gaming console of all time. It was the PS2 that brought gaming out of the basements and bedrooms of America and proved that video games could be a mainstream pastime. With over 74 million units sold worldwide, the PS2 is the standard to which all modern consoles aspire.

It’s safe to say that there are still quite a few people enjoying their PS2’s in spite of the introduction of newer consoles like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. With a much lower cost of entry and a huge library of PS2 games, there’s little chance people will stop buying PS2’s anytime soon.

For those looking for PS2 accessories, here are some of the most useful addons that will help you get the most out of your PS2 console.

Sony PS2 Memory Card 8MB

Playstation 2 Memory Card 8MB by Sony

Saving to the games themselves is a concept that died along with the cartridge-based games of the N64 era. Today, gamers who want to be able to pick up their game where they left off must save their game to a separate memory card. No console is complete without one.

I highly recommend avoiding third-party memory cards. Sony’s original 8 meg card is still the safest and most reliable way to ensure that your PS2 game data is not lost or corrupted.

Sony Playstation 2 DVD Remote Controller Kit

Sony Playstation 2 Remote Controller Kity by Sony

One of the PS2’s biggest selling points when it launched was the built-in DVD playback capabilities. This appeal hasn’t diminished with time, and those who dislike having multiple devices cluttering up their living rooms might prefer to use their PS2 for both gaming and movie watching. Controlling playback with a Dual Shock controller is awkward, however, so I recommend a separate DVD remote.

Again, the first-party remote is the best way to go. Third-party remotes don’t always give you full functionality and tend to be of much lower quality. So, when you’re looking for PS2 remotes, I would recommend going with the Sony brand that was created for your PS2 specifically. It’s well worth the money.

Sony PS2 Component AV Cable

Sony Playstation 2 Component AV Cable by Sony

Anyone with a modern LCD or Plasma TV is going to want the highest possible picture quality from their PS2. Hooking your console up with component cables is one of the easiest ways to ensure that the picture is as sharp as possible on modern televisions.

I recommend the first-party component cables for PS2 consoles if you can find them. Monster also makes a very nice set of PS2 component cables for those willing to pay a bit more.

Sony PS2 Multitap

Sony Playstation 2 Multitap by Sony

Unlike the Gamecube, the PS2 only has two controller ports. Those who wish to engage in four-player gaming sessions are going to need the Multitap add on.

Once more, I heartily recommend the first-party Sony Multitap for PS2 consoles if you can find it. Be careful though, the “slim” and “original” PS2 models require different multitaps. Make sure you’re getting the correct one for PS2 consoles that you own before you place your order. The multitaps are excellent additions for PS2 consols though as it easily allows you to play some great games with three friends instead of just one.

Logitech PS2 2.4Ghz Wireless Controller

Logitech PS2 Wireless Controller by Logitech

The sole exception to my aversion to third-party accessories is the excellent wireless controllers produced by Logitech. These are among the most solid and responsive controllers I’ve ever personally used. The quality of the Logitech controller is easily equal to that of the Dual Shock 3.

The response time is amazing, and the batteries seemingly last forever in this controller. I whole-heartedly recommend it for anyone looking to purchase a second controller for their system. Once you’ve used the Logitech wireless PS2 controller, you’ll never want to go back to your Dual Shock 2.

Just remember that its wireless. There’s no cord to stop it if you become especially frustrated after losing to the final boss in Tekken 3 and throw it across the room. This is a lesson I learned the hard way

Any of these five accessories would make an excellent add on to a new system purchase or gift for the Playstation 2 gamer in your life. Those wishing to get the absolute most from their system need look no further.