Playstation3 Reviews - Not just Gaming, Its a Total Overhaul

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Playstation 3, the third gaming console released by Sony promises to bring more than just gaming to the table during its release on November 11, 2006. With competitors in the market like Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii one wonders what sets the PS3 apart from all the rest. These Playstation 3 reviews will give you an overview.

Specs (5 out of 5)

Storage Medium – the PS3 uses the innovative Blu-Ray Disc so yes, aside from playing your games on this sleek baby, you can also watch some of your favorite movies in hi-def (considering the price of a Blu-Ray player… it’s actually a pretty sweet deal). Of course the PS3 can still play older storage devices like CD and DVDs but who’s keeping track really?

Storage Capacity – here’s where the differences lie. A PS3 may come in the 20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB, or 160 GB package, the bigger the space, the great the price of course. But trust us, with loads of songs, movies, game previews, updates, net time and game saves – a good storage space is optimal.

Controllers – from the PS1 analog, to the PS2’s Dual Shock2 to the wireless Dual Shock 3 controller, things just keep getting better and better with the PS3. The controller even lets you turn on the PS3 as you wish. How seriously cool is that?

Connectivity – 1 Ethernet port, 1 HDMI port and 3 USB ports just waiting to have something plugged in. Let’s not forget the Wi-Fi and Flash Card Readers Of course the availability of connectivity varies with the storage space you pick out – lower space, less specs so try to go for the standard 60 GB

Design and Features (4 out of 5)

A big factor that sets the PS3 above par is the so-called Playstation Network that connects all PS3 users online, letting them compete with each other via the games they play. There’s also the great benefit of connecting the PS3 with a player’s PSP (Playstation Portable) that seems to be a big hit among the users. Aside from that, there’s also the slew of media capabilities that the PS3 has to offer, much like the PSP – you can store pictures, music and video even surf the Net via the Wi-Fi network or the Ethernet port. You can also down upcoming game previews for PS3 and connect with other users worldwide.

Bonus Features (5 out of 5)

Look up the Playstation Store online and check out hottest demos, new releases, downloadable movies and TV shows as well as cool add ons for your games. One of the better bonuses of this console is the Remote Play and the DLNA System. The Digital Living Network Alliance System allows the player to access files and photos from your computer via your PS3! Yup, aside from that, using Remote Play link your PSP to your PS3 and access all DLNA related devices. For the concerned adults, Parental Control exists to restrict or limit your child’s access to gaming, Internet browsing and other potentially threatening materials out there.

My Opinion (5 out of 5)

I love the PS3 sleek and stylish design, never mind that its bulky. After all, look at all the cool things it has to offer! I especially love watching Blu-Ray movies on this baby. Discounting the fact that the PS3 has such great cache of games, I love all the extra features the PS3 console has to offer. Definitely gave my money’s worth. I originally bought this for the games I knew that were coming out (MGS4, Tekken 6 etc). But seriously this baby is one sweet device – from the slew of games that I can play, jamming with online buddies, watching moves and hooking it to my PSP, the PS3 has been on my best purchases list to date.

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