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Coming Soon! Overlord 2 for XBox 360 Preview

by: MelissaViews ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Fans of the original Overlord gaming title are antsy for the June 23rd release of Overlord 2! Let's take a look at what this game has to offer fans of the original, and new gamers.

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    Cover Art

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    What Is It About

    The original Overlord video game for XBox 360 managed to win me over within just a few short minutes of game play. How I managed to not know about this game earlier still boggles my mind because it quickly became one of my top favorite games for the console.

    Overlord begins with minions rising their dead Overlord from the grave in order to help restore their dark kingdom. Other forces have taken over. The confusing part about the original though was that the elements that took over the kingdom/villages seemed darker than the actual Overlord.

    The Overlord is a giant dark man, or demon (not sure which in all honesty) which runs through villages destroying everything he encounters. The Overlord is the main character that you control, his minions are what really pumps up the destructive murderous action though.

    The Overlord's minions consist of these adorable pint sized demons that come in 4 different colors. Each color has their own advantages and weaknesses. They work together however in order to complete harder tasks, or certain sections in the world. Blue minions for instance can resurrect other minions, and they can walk in water. They are however useless in battles. Red minions can walk through fire, and throw fireballs at enemies. They are not very good upfront battle fighters though. Green minions can jump really high and are really decent fighters but only from behind. The brown minions are the real stealth soldiers in the game, as they can fight like wild crazy animals.

    The minions do the Overlords biddings, destroy everything in their path, and their characteristics made the game a lot funner than I originally thought it would be.

    When I heard that Overlord 2 would be hitting shelves this June I was as pumped up as ever for its release date. After completing the original title no less than 2 months ago I was thrilled to discover that I would once again be hitting up and destroying peaceful little villages yet again! Harharhar!!! Bwhahaha!!!

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    By The Looks Of These Photos, Overlord 2 Is Going To Be Awesome!

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    What Overlord 2 Will Offer

    Like in the original game Overlord, gamers once again will be presented with their dark Overlord whom yet again will be shadowed by an army of eager demonic little creatures, that have an itch for destruction.

    The Overlord 2 however will combine all new elements of game play that we had not seen from the original.

    In the original game the minions would sometimes die, and believe it or not when you are playing the game you form a little bond between yourself and the creepy little demons. If you did not have blue minions though when say, one of your green minions fell down in battle, the green demon would simply die. Blue minions could resurrect them, but like I said; without blue minions the green guy was gone for good.

    In Overlord 2, resurrecting the minions on your own is possible, allowing the bond between you and your army of minions to grow even stronger. What really will make the bond a tight bond is the fact that you can give individual minions names.

    The minions themselves have also been built with some newer upgrades. Some of them are stronger, they can ride on the backs of wild animals for fast action paced battle, and of course the graphics have been amped up to impress you even more than the originals graphics had.

    The best addition however in Overlord 2 is the fact that finally they added a mini map. In the original title I often times would get lost. I knew where I needed to go, but due to the large environment it sometimes would take a long time to get to my destination had I not remembered the way in my head. Running around in aimless circles at times got tedious. With Overlord 2 the incorporated map was a must!

    In the original title the actual Overlords use was pretty limited, and it seemed the minions ran the show. I was OK with this but would have liked some more action that included the main Overlord character. The sequel is said to incorporate some more destruction that will come straight from the dark Overlord himself. How this will play out is anyone's guess, but it is sure to be exciting, so buckle up folks, the release of Overlord 2 is right around the corner. You can pre-order the game now at Gamestop and pick it up the day it becomes available, which is June 23rd.