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Free Online Racing Games - 3 Websites for Free Games: Part 2

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this part 2 of 3 article series covering free online gaming websites discover the second most popular site. Find out what the top-rated racing games on the website RacingGames60 feature and why gamers keep coming back for more!

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    Racing Games 60 Website

    Racing Games 60 free online games There is no game shortage at Racing Games 60. This online gaming portal is loaded with new and updated race car games daily. Although the main focus is racing and driving games, a variety of other genres are available too. Pimp my ride, shooting, and a girl games section exists. Popular car customization games and fierce shooters give players a pleasant change between races. In the eloquently titled girl games area, car racing games such as Girl Rush is listed. In this game a female driver races against the clock to collect cosmetics scattered across the street. Gamers can also subscribe to their RSS feed for notification of any new games to play. All of the games featured on Racing Games 60 can be played for free. Top-rated racing games like Gator Hop, Turbo Spirit, Colacoa BMX, Drift n Burn 365, Deadly Race, and Sunset Racer Evolution keep gamers coming back. It's truly a gamers paradise.

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    Gator Hoppin' BMX Style

    Gator Hop Screenshot free online racing games Gator Hop is a four wheelin motorbike race through the swamp. The cool realistic sound effects of the creatures in the green marshlands create a fun atmosphere to play in. Keep up your speed as you attempt seemingly impossible jumps to grassy patches. The main objective is to stay on dry land. When you fall into the mud it's game over. Turbo Spirit XT takes racers on another motorbike race but it's more international. Players have a choice to speed through Germany at midnight, Japan at sunset, or France through the scenic woodlands. Races are categorized by league. Bronze leagues must finish three tracks, silver has six, and golden performs an impressive eight tracks. The colorful flash graphics and techno soundtrack sets the pace.

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    Get Ready to Drift n Burn!

    Colacoa BMX - games to play Colacoa BMX is a free shockwave flash game that breaks all language and product advertising boundaries. Players have to perform wicked BMX tricks for points while collecting floating ColaCoa cans. The graphics are great and the hard punk soundtrack is motivating. If you don't mind the spanish instructions, its actually fun.

    Drift n Burn 365 - race car games Drift n Burn 365 is one of the most creative free online racing games on the site. This cinematic flash has an engaging storyline revolving around the future. An intro movie plays describing how an atomic bomb war demolished earth leaving it in ruins. Now in year 2305 players must race on suspended tracks hovering above the toxic ground. Earn nitro boosts, race, and drift. A new track is unlocked each day. There are two modes of play with up to eight opponents. If you win a race, a new vehicle is unlocked. Competing in battles can earn additional armor. Drift n Burn 365 is futuristic race that deserves to be in the cool games category.

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    Racing Goes Deadly

    Deadly Race - free online games In Deadly Race, players race through the streets dodging bullets and ramming other vehicles off the road. This is a tough race competition. People run across the road and you can shoot them while blowing up incoming cars. This free online racing game takes race enthusiasts on an explosive ride. Sunset Racer Evolution is a 3D racing game where players can unblock new tracks or add-ons. It has a rockin techno beat soundtrack with realistic environments. Beginners can select Mid-day Speedway, Sunset Sprint, or Motorway Morning tracks. Sunset Racer Evolution is a challenging game. The roads are flooded with obstacles and turns that slow you down. The objective is to finish the race in less than 135 seconds.

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