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    • Finding the Right Racing Game Can Help You to Fire Your Engines
      Whether you're wanting to become a better Forza Motorsport player or Dirt 2 is a game more up your alley, it's time to get yourself in gear. We've written lots of articles on tips and techniques that will make you a racing champion, and we're sharing them with you to help you beat your friends!
    • ModNation Racers Reviewed: Customization Galore but What About the Gameplay?
      Check out our review of ModNation Racers, a big PSP and PS3 release which bears more than a passing resemblance to Mario Kart. There's plenty of customization available here but is that enough to make it worth purchasing?
    • A Review of Playstation 3 Off-Road Racer Motorstorm
      Motorstorm is a game that features excellent graphics and some innovative gameplay aspects. Unfortunately, it's a far cry from the killer app that many Playstation 3 gamers had hoped for.
    • GTR: Evolution - Game Review
      A review of the recently released sports car game. The secret behind GTR: Evolution is that the game is nothing but an expansion to the famous WTCC racing simulator. It gives us the opportunity to try some new cars, an improved driving system, and to test drive the Green Hell.
    • Nostalgia in 3D: Our Review of 3D Classics: Excitebike for the Nintendo 3DS
      To celebrate the opening of the Nintendo eShop on 3DS, Nintendo is giving away the 3D remake of the classic NES game Excitebike. Does the gameplay of this free 3DS title stand up to the test of time? Find out in our 3D Classics: Excitebike review.
    • Twisted Metal is Heading to a PS3 Near You
      There has not been a Twisted video game made for consoles since 2001. The original creators of the series have something to say about that involving explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. And fire. Twisted Metal (PS3) will be hitting the store shelves soon, find out how long you have to prepare.
    • The Ultimate Twisted Metal: Black Review
      Some time has passed since Twisted Metal: Black was released. With a new game on its way to Playstation 3 based within the same universe, let's take a quick trip back to see what this game did right, and what it did wrong with this in-depth review.
    • Next Gen racers: A codemasters retrospective
      With Dirt 3 and Codemasters' F1 2010 on the horizon, Bright hub looks at racing titles created by the veteran developers for the new generation of hardware. After a retrospective of racing greatness we will also look at future titles from Codemasters.
    • Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 Hints & Tips
      The hints and tips in this article show you a number of entertaining things to do to keep yourself engaged and satisfied while playing Burnout Paradise on your Xbox 360. You can check out the longest and wildest leap of faith in the Paradise City, the most spectacular views, and a stunt playground.
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