E3 Reveal and Preview of Twisted Metal (PS3) on Bright Hub

E3 Reveal and Preview of Twisted Metal (PS3) on Bright Hub
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“It’s Good to be Back.”

Just before the end of Sony’s presentation at E3 2010, they revealed the glorious return of Twisted Metal. PS3 will be the new home for this monster, and while the reveal was spectacular and heavy on the theatrics, we all want to know what’s changing and what’s new. Luckily, Eat Sleep Play gave the fans a few things to nibble on during this teaser reveal, from new vehicles to a brand new mode of gameplay; and even a hint as to what online multiplayer will feel like.

Twisted Metal: Black, Revisited

Twisted Metal (PS3)’s Ice Cream Truck

Based upon what David Jaffe and Scott Campbell revealed, this game will heavily be based upon Twisted Metal: Black’s story and universe. A notable change, however, is this time Eat Sleep Play is gunning for a T for Teen rating; a stark contrast to Black’s M for Mature. That is not to say that they will be shying away from the dark humor and violence, as Jaffe was quoted to say, “There’s the eight o’clock CBS serial killer, and there’s the HBO serial killer. We’re doing the CBS eight o’clock serial killer.” The setting will feature a familiar look of gritty and war-torn Midtown locales, but with yet another twist that has surprised a great deal of long-time fans of the series involving the Story campaigns.

Story Mode

Twisted Metal (PS3) Frantic Gameplay

The story mode is being taken in a wildly different approach this time, instead of showcasing a wide number of characters, the single player campaign will be focused upon either Sweet Tooth, Dollface, or Mr. Grimm as they interact with other fan favorites: The Preacher and Calypso. Each will apparently be able to drive any vehicle they desire, just as multiplayer is planned, and the story will be displayed in live-action cut scenes, which was something that was originally attempted but later scrapped from the first Twisted Metal. PS3 fans of the series might recall seeing these dated story-lines within the bonus features of Twisted Metal: Head On (Extra Twisted Edition). While those videos were mostly full of cheese and big hair, these cut scenes are guaranteed to be free of any corny tendencies and hammy acting. As an added bonus, each of the three competitors will sport an opening movie and three different ending videos, one per difficulty. Hopefully these will be drastically different and not just the same as the previous difficulty’s with another minute tacked on.

Twisted Metal Online

Sweet Tooth’s Statue in Nuke Mode of Twisted Metal (PS3)

While there will be a two and four-player split-screen options available, online is is where the bulk of gameplay will take place with up to 16 combatants at once. As previously mentioned, the player can choose any vehicle and start rampaging throughout the level. Another aspect stemming from the single-player mode is that online players will be gunning with one of four factions: the Clowns, the Dolls, the Holy Men, and the Skulls. With the inclusion of choosing any vehicle, the emphasis is more on class-based gameplay than character based. Each vehicle will host a special move that can be swapped with an alternate fire, changing the gameplay. Throw cars as a tow truck or drop repair kits, for example. Further aiding with this is the new multiplayer mode, Nuke, which is a combination of team deathmatch, capture the flag, and gigantic flying metallic effigies. The first to sacrifice the opposing team’s leader and launch a nuke at their statue three times claims victory.

Release Date

Nuke Mode’s Missile Sacrifice Machine From Twisted Metal (PS3)

From piloting the skies in a helicopter, to tearing up the streets wielding a flaming chainsaw upon a motorcycle, everyone present at E3 wanted to know when Twisted Metal (PS3) is coming home. The developers were reluctant to state specifics for some time, but just recently David Jaffe himself mentioned that it will be shipped out October 10th, 2011. (Or “ten-four!”, much to his chagrin.) Check your calendars and see how much vacation time you have accrued, as this game is likely to devour a good part of your life later this year.

Go Clowns!


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