Zombie Highway Review (iPhone)

Zombie Highway Review (iPhone)
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Concept & Design (4 out of 5)

Have you ever been driving down the road, when suddenly a zombie jumps on your car and attempts to kill you? If not, you probably do

not live in a world similar to the one portrayed in Zombie Highway.

There are many zombie games for the iPhone, however there are not many similar to Zombie Highway. Zombie Highway has a very unique game design which brings interesting gameplay to the iPhone, making full use of the accelerometer. Essentially the idea of Zombie Highway is to drive down a never-ending highway, avoiding zombies.

Said zombies, have the strong desire to jump on your car, break in and ultimately eat your brains. Well, not exactly, but they do have the overall goal of destroying you and thus ending the game. Zombie Highway does an excellent job at combining zombies, cars, weapons and the iPhone.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Zombie Highway

Gameplay in Zombie Highway is nothing like the other zombie games on the iPhone. Controls rely heavily on the accelerometer, which is not a bad thing in this game.

Essentially you steer a car, which automatically accelerates. You are tasked with not crashing into the various flipped over cars scattered along the highway. That may not sound very complicated, but the zombies which sit at the side of the highway make sure it is. As you drive along, zombies will jump from the side of the highway and latch onto the sides of your car. As these zombies build up on each side, they will flip your car over (killing you) or drag your car to one side, causing you to crash.

Zombie Highway

Utilizing smart steering, quick responses and a handful of weapons, you will slowly get rid of the zombies, preventing a fatal crash. You can also side-swipe other flipped cars on the highway to knock the zombies off. As you would expect with a zombie game, there are various types of zombies, some faster, some stronger and some downright weird. This makes for a good mix and the game introduces new weapons as you progress, keeping it interesting. Weapons include the standard array of guns, from SMGs to double-barrel shotguns and as the game progresses, some more serious weapons are unlocked.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Overall Zombie Highway is one of the most innovative and fun zombie games for the iPhone. It is a nice alternative to the classic slashing, shooting and running style zombie games.

Some people may find Zombie Highway to be repetitive or boring, since essentially the game is the same, driving down a highway and avoiding zombies. The unlocked extra modes and new weapons make the game slightly more interesting over time. Zombie Highway is great for a quick thriller, it will steal your attention in thirty minute increments, but not likely for hours.

Overall, Zombie Highway is worth the $0.99 and can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store. (Download Here)

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