Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Spear Guide

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Spear Guide
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Careful With The Spear, You Might Put Your Eye Out

One of the selling points for Perfect World Entertainment’s Heroes of the Three Kingdoms is that the game gives players a wide variety of weapons to use and the ability to level the weapon class category separately from your character. Each weapon has its own series of skills, combos and specialty moves.

Gamers who prefer a defensive style with devastating long-range capabilities will probably be drawn to the precision oriented style offered from the spear. If you were looking for a Heroes of the Three Kingdoms spear guide, then you came to the right place, as this guide will offer all the basics on advancing your skills with the use of a spear and becoming part of the spearman cavalry in the game.

Learning The Basics

Learning some basic skills in newbie town

Every weapon class will have beginning skills to help get players started after level 5. You can talk to the NPC in Taoyuan Village to learn some very basic striking and buffing skills, no matter what weapon profession you’ve taken up.

However, as you progress through the game you’ll find that more advanced skills are required for tougher bosses and Su Residence proves to be a useful pit stop where you’ll learn a few additional skills or earn the option to upgrade existing, low level skills from a weapons trainer.

Shortly after the Su Residence you’ll find the next few skills accessible as a spearman once you reach the small town of Jizhou City. Also, visiting the NPC weapon trainer there will enable you to learn one of the most important and reliable skills you’ll ever use on the game: blocking.

Skills And Abilities Of A Low-Level Spearman

Readying to slice and dice

Some of the basic skills that you will learn as a beginner spearman in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms includes some of the following:

Attack: This is a basic slash attack that deals standard damage.

Challenge: Most classes will use this skill to agro an enemy towards them; perfect for DPS or tank-based play.

Sudden Attack: Produces 5 vigor and prevents the target from casting or using skills, as well as inflicting counter-attack damage for 3 additional seconds.

Roaring Dragon: Requires 40 vigor points and unleashes a devastating attack on enemies.

Divine Spear: This is a personal buff that lasts for 10 minutes. The drain on MP is put into attack strength, which is a good skill to use for solo play or when it’s required to dispatch an enemy quickly.

An over-arching spear blow

Block: A very important skill that drastically changes the outcome of a fight by cutting all damage from an attack in half and can be used to withstand five consecutive hits.

Thunderbolt: This attack produces vigor while at the same time weakening counter measures such as block or withstand. It also causes counter hit damage for three seconds.

Sudden Pierce: A quick strike that inflicts 100% basic damage while also adding 15 points of vigor. The 7 second cooldown means that you have to alternate between using this attack.

Rapid Swipe: This zaps 35 vigor points but can work as an AOE, affecting a target and any other nearby targets with a sweeping attack. What’s more is that it adds a slowdown debuff for 4 seconds.

Combos: Classes capable of putting together stringed moves or combo attacks, receive special bonuses when this skill is activated, increasing damage and vigor.

Understanding Vigor Attacks

Using a combo attack on a fox

There are two kinds of skill sets in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms. One set of skills (usually quick attacks or counter moves) adds vigor to the green meter located under the health and energy bar. The second set of skills requires vigor in order to be executed. The skills that rely on vigor are usually powerful attacks that deal massive damage or area-of-effect sweeps that clear out multiple enemies.

The best tactic for building vigor as a spearman is to start the attack on an enemy with something like Sudden Attack and then work in additional skills to build up enough vigor in order to unleash something more powerful like Rapid Swipe.

This method of using skills keeps battles strategic and paced and prevents PvP from being completely reliant on unleashing the strongest attacks first.

Utilizing The Blocking Skill Early On

Blocking a boss attack makes a big difference

It’s important to note that blocking in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms is not just there as a subsidiary skill, it’s actually one of the most important skills you’ll utilize throughout the entire game. It’s also important to start utilizing the skill early on to get your timing and counter-attacking down, because blocking will save you quite often throughout your leveling experience in the game.

When used properly, players who time their block skill can literally solo most of the bosses in the game while taking far less damage than without it. A lot of it boils down to knowing when to block. There are always critical strikes or attacks you should look out for and prep to block in order to lessen the damage effects.

Given that blocking has a slight delay when activating and deactivating it, it’s always best to set up quick attacks directly before using it and directly after using it so that you can keep your damage and counter-striking consistent.

Learning From The Master

Weapon masters of Chang’An

After learning all the basics and getting the standard skills for a spearman it’s time to go and learn from the master.

The main spear trainer is located with the rest of the weapon trainers near the west end of Chang’An city. The spear trainer’s name is Feng Yi and he is labeled as a Spear Master. Here, players will be able to learn more advanced techniques and skills not taught from the beginner NPCs found at the early goings of the game.

Take note, though, that advanced skills for any weapon class requires money to learn, so you may have to grind some in order to purchase higher level skills or to upgrade existing skills. You can also use experience points gained to level up your spear class, which allows you to learn new skills and deal more damage when using attacks.

You can learn more about Heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the weapon classes by visiting the Official Website.

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