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Talisman Online is a free MMORPG game that is very similar in game play, and by interface actions, to the superstar hit World Of Warcraft. In this game, there are some hotkeys that you’ll need to know about to make sure that there is a smooth transition for the player. These hotkeys are simple to learn and, after you get use to them ,you’ll be firing them off the fingertips without any hunt-and-peck action involved.


1-0: The numbers 1 through 0 on the number pad are the hotkeys for things like skills, acts and useful things. Depending on your character and skills, these hotkeys will be different from player to player. Usually your talismans will be using three of these hotkeys, so keep an eye on these as they aren’t static and will be varied depending on what character you are playing.

C: This is the attribute hotkey. This hotkey will open or close the attribute interface in the game. This is where you will go to check on your character’s information. This is the same as a typical character page, where you can check to see what health and other levels you have on your character.

I: This is the item hotkey. This hotkey will open or close the item interface in the game. It is where you will go to check on your character’s items. This is just like most character’s inventory page, where you will see what items you are currently carrying.

M: This is the Map hotkey. This key will open and close the map interface in the game. It is obviously where you will see a map of your surrounding area to better guide you through the land. You will use this a lot when you are having to get from area to area to keep yourself from going in circles or traveling in the wrong direction.

S: This is your Skill hotkey. It will open and close the skill interface in the game. It is where you will use different skills of your weapon or your assistant talisman. The skills hotkey will be used a good bit, and you’ll need to remember where its at so that you can get to it quickly.

T: This is your Quest hotkey. It will open and close the quest interface in the game. It will check on the details of your quests and help you in the completion of those quests. This key comes in very handy when you forget an aspect of a quest, or just would like to see how many quests you are currently on. See at a glance which ones you’ve done and need to turn in.

F: This is your Community hotkey. It will open and close the community interface in the game. This will check on your friends, add to your friends list, or will block people from being in your friends circle. This will be like your buddy list where you can check and see who is Online and who is available to help you in a quest or scenario.

Enter: The Enter hotkey will open and close the chat interface. This will bring up the chat controls and bar. All of the chat features are going to be able to be used from this interface. Enter will toggle the chat in the game.

ESC: This is the System hotkey. This will open and close the system interface set to the system mode. All system mode requests will come via the ESC key. Must like every other MMORPG on the planet :)


As you can see there are a few hotkeys to learn in the game, not tons, but not just one or two. They are simple and typically are similar to most RPG games (I is for your items and it usually is for your inventory. Different name, but takes you to the same place you want to go). These hotkeys are what you’ll need to know as you begin your adventure in Talisman Online.

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