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Talisman Online is a World of Warcraft-like MMORPG game that is F2P (Free to Play). Out for nearly a year now, the game boasts a good number of players, with a wide range of quests, side quests, and scenarios that will keep you busy for hours. There are five characters that are available for play, in varying combat styles and forms. All of these characters will start out in the Green Scarp which is the beginning land for all players. This is where you’ll learn about your character and its game play.


Monk: The Monk has a good regeneration time for both stamina and hit points. It is the strongest of all classes when it comes to anti-attacking abilities, and is a good damage absorber. In the way of weaponry, the Monk uses the Buddhist Shovel and the Buddhist Staff. The Monk has their main attack attributes being Buddha and Fire. The main attribute for this class is it’s strength.Assassin: The Assassin has great stamina and hit point regeneration, and is half immortal. This is a high damage dealing class but weak when it comes to defense. Weaponry for the Assassin includes the Chain Scimitar and the Dagger. It has attack attributes of poison and lightning, with its main attribute of dexterity.

Wizard: The Wizard is the master of the magic spell. Some of the main features of this class are it’s high attacking ability, the use flying swords and flying blades as a weapons, and the main attack attributes being Water and Fire. The main attribute for this class is it’s intelligence.

Fairy: Here is your healing class, instead of the Monk, as the Fairy can cure and help allies in battle. It is has the healing ability with a pretty weak anti-attack ability. It uses the flying wheel and the Buddha pearl for weapons, and has the attack attributes of the Buddha and of lightning. And, like the Wizard, it’s main attribute is intelligence.

Tamer: Tamers can talk to the animals and increase their fighting style by incorporating animals into their combat, just like the hunter in World of Warcraft. It is one of the best solo classes in the game, and their animal pets can help increase their fighting ability. It is a long distance attacker with a bow and crossbow while offering a melee attack with their animal pets. It has water and poison attack attributes, with its main attribute being its intelligence.


The type of character you’ll pick will generally depend upon your playing style. Whether you like to stand back and let your companion animals take care of the brunt of the damage, fire magic at them, healing up your friends and allies, or whether you like to rush in and attack everything in site leaving mass chaos in your wake - finding the right fit between you and you character will be the key to a happier game play.

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