Heat Online Beginner Guide

Heat Online Beginner Guide
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Project Torque Goes Boom, Heat Online Arises

Poor, poor Project Torque fans. With all the licensing issues all that hard work players put into racing profiles was lost, all because a few companies got greedy over one of the very best racing games out there today, and in result Project Torque had to close down. Nevertheless, Invictus wanted to stay true to their loyal fans and they repackaged, revamped, modified and re-released the game for North American and Euro gamers under its new title, Heat Online. The game is still free-to-play but it has undergone some major changes, some for the better and some for the worse. This Heat Online beginner guide will walk you through some of the changes the game has encountered as well as some of the improvements gamers can look forward to when playing.

Open World Racing For All

Cruising through the mountains

With EA releasing Need for Speed World and the game picking up major support from racing fans the world around due to the game being free-to-play, and supporting a new way to join races without lobbies, it was only reasonable that other F2P racers followed suit. Well, Need for Speed World and Drift City aren’t the only free-to-play racers that has done away with lobbies in favor of an open-world experience; Invictus has wisely switched from Project Torque’s lobby-based game setup to a more open-world principal where players can ride around and buy parts from shops, meet in the arena to setup matches or cruise around town and soak in the scenery. The option to just drive without the impediment of option menus and clunky multiplayer lobbies gives the game a more large-scale feel that should be welcoming to players who really

Trying to catch the draft of an opponent

enjoy the freedom of online racing titles.

The only downside, and something newbies will have to look out for, is that you now have to drive over to the tutorial and mission areas, as opposed to the quests, missions and tutorials being readily available once you log into the game. To help facilitate all the features present in Level-R and Project Torque, Invictus has afforded gamers a nice little, icon-based world map where newbies or veterans alike can set waypoints on the map, just like in Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row 2, and conveniently have an on-screen arrow to direct you to the destination you would like to go to, if you want.

Basic Racing For Beginners

Racing grid before the start of a race

A few things to keep in mind when starting off in Heat Online: It’s a lot easier to play the game using a gamepad as opposed to the keyboard. Nevertheless, a steering wheel works even better, assuming you can afford a decent one to race with. If you’re out of luck for using a decent controller, no worries. The game still plays just fine using the keyboard in the first-person, cockpit view. In fact, the keyboard works absolutely perfect in the cockpit view mode, which is ideal for racing in due to the twitch responses of the arrow keys for turning the car.

Unlike Project Torque, players only have access to a few basic modes at the start of the game until reaching level 20. In PT and Level-R a few other modes were accessible early on, such as the Thunder Alley (which includes NASCARs and NASCAR trucks). However, in Heat Online the Thunder Alley vehicles are only temporary and cannot be accessed until reaching level 15.

It’s best to start with a few of the basic races or the Sumo mode where you have to bump the opponent off a platform in order to score points, or the other racing modes that include point-to-point races as well as circuit races.

Racing Tips And Strategies

Revving up at the start

The game is still very much the same in the gameplay department as its regional counterparts, Level-R and Project Torque. And just like Need for Speed World, there are a few tricks and power-ups that can be utilized throughout various racetypes in order to gain an advantage over the competition. Just like NFS World, it’s also important to assign specials to your trunk before a race. If a power-up isn’t in your trunk before you start racing then it won’t be there during the race.

Rammed into a wall

Each item has a limited amount, and whether you use that item (such as nitro) during a race or not the item will be subtracted from the total amount in your inventory simply because it was added into your trunk. So make sure you have the right items assigned to your trunk only when you know you’ll need to use them during a race.

Upgrading The Car As Often As Possible

Buying upgrades for the car

This should come as no surprise. The competition in Heat Online can be very stiff and it’s absolutely necessary to keep your ride as tuned as possible. Now while it might seem convenient to save up and simply by the highest level parts available. In order to properly tune up a vehicle you’ll have to buy the parts in succession. It’s best to start with tuning up the transmission and the chip set in order to boost acceleration as much as possible. Usually, newbies get owned pretty bad off the starting line due to poor acceleration. Many of the tracks are also based on torque and turning, so as long as you have decent acceleration you’ll at least be able to keep up with most other players level 10 and lower.

Drafting, Ramming And Cutting Corners

Taking a short turn around the corner

While upgrading your car is a prime target for improving racing pole positions, there’s a cost effective way to also stay on the lead lap and keep up with the competition. Drafting. Keeping behind just about anyone will allow you to forego the use of turbo while at the same time accelerating fast to put you in position to slingshot ahead of your opponent. Drafting also increases or refills your nitro; it’s also a safe bet to draft as much and as often as possible to keep your nitro full.

Big collision at the end of the race

An alternative for getting past the competition is ramming the crap out of the competition. This will result in making a lot of enemies on the track, especially during the Thunder Ally runs. However, keep in mind that blocking opponents is still allowed and keeping them from passing you is a must, even at the expense of bumping them off the track to keep the lead. It may seem cheap but a win is still a win and it separates the winners from the losers.

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