Exmortis Walkthrough, Hints and Tips: Solving Puzzles and Room Exploration

Exmortis Walkthrough, Hints and Tips: Solving Puzzles and Room Exploration
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Exmortis Guide

Exmortis is one of the best free online horror games created by Ben Leffler. A point-and-click adventure game, Exmortis is quite scary and gruesome and contains some scenes that are not appropriate for children. The game’s eerie sound effects and gory visuals will surely give you the creeps, and that’s why we recommend you to turn off the lights and put on your gaming headphones to get the real taste of this online horror game. Being a point-and-click adventure game, Exmortis may look pretty easy at first, but it is quite difficult, especially the puzzles. Once you go inside, you will have to explore the old house to uncover its darkest truth. This Exmortis walkthrough will guide you to every corner of the house and help you solve intricate puzzles:

The Old House (2nd Level Hallway) – Attic, Safe Password and Some Symbols

In Exmortis, you wake up in the woods in the middle of the night and fail to recall how you got there. All your blurry vision can see is an old dilapidated house a la the house at the Blair Witch Project. You regain your senses, but you’re troubled with the throbbing pain in your head. Your only way to survive the cold is to go inside the old house; else you’ll be frozen to death. In this section of the Exmortis walkthrough, you will learn how to enter the house, decode the safe and access some symbols.

Once the game starts, you will see an old house. Click on its front door and then click on the right side of the door to enter the house.

The Old House

At the main entrance, you will see a staircase on the right. Click on the staircase to go to the Hallway. Then, go to the right end of the Hallway by clicking the small arrow.

You will notice an old wooden door…but wait a minute; you can hear some dull thuds at the roof top. You will notice a small hatch, which can give access to the attic. Click on the hatch and click on the wooden ladder to go inside.

2nd Hallway - Click on the Hatch

A grotesque scene of a human torso awaits you at the attic. Don’t run away, just click on the wooden blood-stained plank in front of you and note down the symbol E. The symbol will be very useful in the final levels.

Note Down the Symbol in the Attic

Now, click on the right side (the wall) of the attic, you will notice some scribbled letters. There actually some numeric code. Note down the code. Return to the 2nd Level Hallway (click on the white down arrow button every time you want to go back or return to previous area).

Click on the old wooden door to enter the bedroom. You will see a bed splattered with blood, a gothic painting on the wall. Click on the painting and you’ll notice a hidden electronic safe. Enter the 4-digit code that you noticed in the attic.

The 4-digit Code for the Safe

Inside the safe, there’s a human heart, an old book and a symbol F. Note down the symbol and click on the book. Make sure you read it in its entirety to know more about Exmortis and the mystery of the house.

The Opened Safe - A Human Heart, Symbol and a Mysterious Book

Return to the bedroom and click on the bathroom (ensuite) door. The blood-stained bathroom has a wash basin filled with probably blood. Click on it to retrieve a key, which may probably be used to unlock a room somewhere around.

The Ensuite

Go downstairs, to the Main Entrance.

Main Entrance - Dark Hallway

The Dark Hallway is as confusing and difficult as the 2nd Level Hallway. Only through exploration will you find some clues that will help you unveil the truth. In this Exmortis walkthrough, you will learn how to explore the dark hallway in the main entrance and gather clues and symbols.

Once you are downstairs, click the shadowed hallway to gain access to the Dark Hallway. You will notice a mysterious apparition appearing in front of you and disappearing as quickly as it appeared. Click on the dark area of the hallway to access the Ground Floor Hall.

Dark Hallway

You will find two doors and in the middle is an old grandfather clock. Click on the clock’s face and note down the roman numerals VI and V.

Ground Floor Hall - Two Doors Flank the Grandfathers Clock

Click on the right door to enter the kitchen. Then click on the microwave oven to find a grotesquely-looking severed head. Click on the head and note down the symbol A, which seems quite familiar to the symbols of the grandfather’s clock.

Kitchen - Carefully Note Down the Symbol on the Severed Head’s Forehead

Click on the top kitchen cupboard, and you will see a small knife. It’s of no use so, just ignore it.

Inside the kitchen, there’s another door leading to a lounge room. Enter the door and click on the diary on the table. You may read its contents to know the history of the house.

Lounge Room - Click on the Diary at the Table and Read It

Now, leave the lounge room and the kitchen area and click on the door to the left of the grandfather’s clock with the key you found at the Ensuite. This door leads to the library. At first, you won’t notice anything special, but a closer look will reveal a severed hand covered with blood rests upon a desk on your right-hand side. A closer look will reveal a symbol. You will have to click on the symbol U near the fingers and note it down for future use.

Exmortis Walkthrough - Click on the Symbol Near The Fingers

On the shelves to your right, there are numerous encyclopedias. Click on the book that stands out and doesn’t fit the size of other books. Read the book.

Return to the Dark Hallway and enter the Cellar Entrance by clicking the door on the left wall. The Cellar Entrance has nothing of interest as of now, but if you click on the door, you will hear a faint voice of the spirits saying “You must first remember, only then you shall pass”. Return to the 2nd Level Hallway.

Back to the Second Level Hallway – a Mysterious Apparition of a Girl

Click on the Ghostly Apparition to Witness Something Scary

Click on the stairs and then click on the left side of the window. You will notice a half-opened. You will also hear a faint, ghostly sob. Click on the door to enter and you will see an apparition of a seemingly innocent-looking girl. The bed still has the remnants of blood stains that look still fresh. Click on the ghostly girl to witness something too scary.

Some Important Exmortis Hints and Tips

While this Exmortis walkthrough explains every aspect of the game, readers must keep in mind certain important tips to ensure they don’t get lost at the end of the game.

  • Always keep a notepad with you to note down key clues and symbols
  • Read the books/diaries their entirety to learn more about the house.
  • Remember to read all diaries and books as they will trigger the main events as well as scary scenes.

Back to the Cellar Entrance

The last part of this Exmortis walkthrough reveals the ending levels and sheds light on the Pentagram puzzle:

To go to the Cellar Entrance, click on the hallway and then click on the left side to gain access to the entrance. When you are in, click on the door to enter a hidden room that has an old air filtration unit.

On the right hand corner, will see an axe; click on it and you will have a blood-stained axe to protect you from something evil and scary.

Click on the Axe Lying Beside the Air Filtration Unit

But, strangely there’s no way out and you will notice there isn’t any down arrow symbol to go return back. Well, just click on the boarded wall on the left hand side 3 times to break open a way. Click on the gap to squeeze through the underground tunnel.

Click on the Boarded Wall three times withe Axe

The Underground Tunnel

You will have to get out of this house and the underground tunnel may lead you to the exit. Click on the exit to see what’s beyond this tunnel system.

Sadly, you will see another tunnel ahead. Click and head straight to the exit point. You will see something glowing in the dark? A light source or something else? Click on the light source, and you will see another tunnel. But, this time you’re not alone. A thin, pale-skinned man lunges towards you and lets out a blood-curdling shriek. Click on the man to sever his head. If you miss a chance and die, don’t worry. You will be taken back to the previous underground tunnel.

Click on the Severed Head and Note Down the Symbol

Now click on the severed head to notice the final symbol M. Note it down. Click on the dark tunnel to go ahead.

Click on the small hole in front of you to retrieve a key.

Now, keep on going back until you reach the first tunnel. Click on the left side of the old tunnel and open a hidden door with the key you just retrieved from the small hole.

Once you enter this hidden chamber, you will see a ghostly face materializing in front of you. Suddenly you will a closer view on the pentagram engraved on the wall in front of you.

The Pentagram Puzzle

Pentagram Symbol Puzzle

The symbols you noted down at the attic, microwave, safe, library and the tunnel has to be used here. In the Pentagram puzzle, you will notice all of these alphabets at the bottom of the pentagram. Click on A, then E, F, M and finally U to invoke Exmortis. Congratulations, you have unleashed the cult! This ends the detailed Exmortis walkthrough. Hope you’ve enjoyed playing the game and learnt how to solve the puzzles here.