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Top Adventure Games on the Internet

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The best free online point and click adventure games encompass a variety of literary genres, including mystery, sci-fi and comedy. Free online adventure games such as Alice is Dead and Detective Grimoire are some of the best interactive fiction titles.

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    Free Adventure Games on the Internet

    Adventure games are for the thinking mind, which gets easily bored with tedious button-mashing hack-and-slash titles. An “interactive fiction with exploration and puzzle-solving elements" can be an accurate description of an adventure game. The term owes its origin to Adventure, a computer game released in the 1970s. An adventure game heavily emphasizes on the story and the protagonist, and covers a variety of literary genres, be it mystery, sci-fi, comedy or fantasy. The success of an adventure title relies on a strong plot and characters with an equal importance to immersive sound and visuals. From early text-based adventure titles to today’s offbeat free online point and click adventure games on the internet, this genre has created its own niche in an action-gaming world.

    In my Free Online Adventure Games: Best Point and Click Room Escape Games article, I presented an excellent compilation of experimental flash games encompassing the mystery/horror genre. This article will provide some of the best indie flash games that are quite popular among the flash gaming crowd.

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    Alice is Dead EP 1 and EP2

    Alice is Dead Episode 1--Free Adventure Games on the Internet One of the most popular children’s classic Alice in Wonderland has inspired a couple of offbeat and dark video game titles, most notably American McGee’s Alice. We always wonder why Alice in Wonderland games and movies has always been associated with mystery and suspense. Well, maybe it has something to do with its author Lewis Carroll, who was one of the Jack the Ripper suspects and his Alice in Wonderland reflected his convoluted psyche. Well, that’s what conspiracy theorists have to say, but hey, here we are reviewing a good indie adventure game with a dark Alice theme.

    In Alice is Dead Episode 1, you fall into the same rabbit hole and bump into Wonderland—only to find AliceAlice is Dead Episode 2  dead. Your main objective is to escape the dark wonderland and at the same time find out who you are. You will have to solve intricate puzzles to uncover the truth behind your Wonderland entry. The environmental puzzles are complicated, but fun. Designed and developed by Impending Riot, Alice is dead is a typical point-and-click adventure game that requires players to click on objects, combine them and use them on other objects to solve a puzzle. However, it’s the visuals and the eerie oldies music that can give really you the creeps. Episode 2 is equally mysterious and horrifying, with a surprise ending. Overall, Alice is Dead is made for horror and mystery buffs and is one of the best free online point and click adventure games.

    Play Alice is Dead Episode 1

    Play Alice is Dead Episode 2

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    Detective Grimoire

    Detective Grimoire Fans of CSI type of games will love to play Detective Grimoire. A character-driven mystery game, Detective Grimoire lets you act like a real detective. You will have to search for clues, interrogate witnesses and gather evidences. On your way, you will meet a variety of peculiar characters with whom you can interact and take useful notes, which will further help to investigate the murder mystery.

    Created by Super Flash Bros Detective Grimoire is one of the most unique point-and-click adventure games. You won’t find such a game ever released on the internet. It’s like playing a real CSI-type of game, although the graphics are quite cartoony and two dimensional.

    Play Detective Grimoire

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    Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers: The Restless Mummy

    The Restless Mummy Free Adventure Games on the Internet A free online flash game based on the popular Adventures of Johnny Thunder by Lego, The Restless Mummy is a quick puzzle adventure game with mouse/keyboard controls. You will have to solve puzzles and catch slithering snakes to search for a precious Golden Snake.

    The game is a nice blend of action, hidden-object and puzzle. But sadly, it is quite short and can be completed within 15 minutes in easy difficulty settings. So, it is recommended to play this game in Hard mode.

    The visuals in The Restless Mummy are good and all characters resemble Lego toys. It’s a fun game with a comic/mystery theme and is best for those who like humorous free online point and click adventure games on the Internet.

    Play Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers: The Restless Mummy