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Alice is Dead Episode 1 Walkthrough

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Lamar Stonecypher ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Alice is Dead Episode 1 is not your usual dose of point-and-click puzzle game. It has some very difficult puzzles that require abstract thinking to solve. This Alice is Dead walkthrough guide will help players solve most of the inventory-based puzzles to unearth the identity of the protagonist.

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    Alice is Dead: Episode 1 Overview

    If you thought children’s stories always had those mushy endings, you gotta play Alice is Dead. This free point-and-click room escape game is a fairytale-gone-awry, and for pretty unknown reasons. You find yourself in a strange-looking place with the corpse of Alice beside you. Who are you and how did you get here? What’s the best way to get out? And more importantly, who killed Alice? Some of these questions have to be answered and you have to find clues to answer them. Well, this Alice is Dead walkthrough will help you for sure!

    Alice is Dead Episode 1 is the brainchild of Mike Morin and Hyptosis. The game was released in 2009 on Newsgrounds and was an instant breakout success. This free online mystery/room escape game has loads of inventory-based puzzles and requires some code-breaking skills. The game is quite short, but the code-breaker puzzle and some other inventory-based puzzles surely require abstract thinking. Well, you would love to solve it by your own, but if you are a dud in logic-based puzzles, then this walkthrough will surely help you go through all the difficult stuff.

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    Alice is Dead Walkthrough (Episode 1) Collecting all Items

    You will have to collect all items scattered in three areas:

    • The starting point (where the corpse of Alice lies)

    • The roots area

    • The treasure chest and shovel area

    A. Collect items scattered around the starting point:(Note: Please click on the screenshots to enlarge)

    1. Collect the empty bottle and bone near Alice’s dead body

    2. Grab a piece of note from Alice’s pocket. The note reads: “Kill the Rabbit”

    Alice is Dead Walkthrough - The Starting Point 

    B. Collect items hidden in the roots area

    Go left and collect the playing card hidden inside the tree bark

    The Roots Area - Get the Playing Card 

    C. Collect items from the treasure chest area

    1. Go back to the starting point and go right to the treasure chest area

    2. Click on the shovel to get a big stick

    3. Collect the rock lying on the floor

    The Treasure Chest Area 

    After collecting all items, you will have to unlock the blue door in the starting point. Go to the starting point and then use the rock to sharpen the bone (click on the rock on the inventory section and drag it to the bone to sharpen it).

    Open the Blue Door Using the Sharpened Bone 

    Click on the sharpened bone and then click on the blue door to unlock. Did it have any effect? Well, it didn’t have any effect as the door is still locked. Actually, it’s the treasure chest that has opened up. Go to the treasure chest area and you will find the unlocked chest. Click on the chest and you will stairs leading to a dense forest. Go downstairs to the forest.

    The Opened Chest 

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    Alice is Dead: Episode 1 Walkthrough: The Forest Level

    This Alice is Dead walkthrough will show you how to solve inventory-based puzzles and the code-breaker puzzle. There are three main areas in the Forest level:

    • The tree trunk area

    • The tree with a hidden door area

    • The caterpillar area

    1. In the forest area, you will see a trunk filled with acid. Fill the empty bottle (on the inventory list) with the acid.

    Fill the Poison 

    2. Go to the giant caterpillar area by clicking the right heart twice. You will see a rather harmless giant caterpillar trapped inside a spider’s web. Use the acid to break the web. You will now see a broken glass in your inventory list.

    Use Spear to Kill the Giant Caterpillar 

    3. Use the shovel stick from your inventory on the tree branch to stick sap on it. Use the broken glass on the shovel stick to make a spear and kill the caterpillar with it.

    4. Beside the dead caterpillar you will see a golden key and a bell. Collect both these items.

    Now go to the area that has a tree with a closed door. Use the playing card on the card reader slot. The playing card will work as a keycard.

    Alice is dead Walkthrough - Open the Tree Door with Playing Card and Key 

    5. Use the golden key on the door lock and click on the door. You will see a briefcase; click on it. You will need a six-digit code to open the briefcase. To find the hidden codes, follow these steps:

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    Alice is Dead Walkthrough: The Briefcase Code

    The Briefcase code is the most difficult part of the game. Using this Alice is Dead walkthrough, you can easily find hidden codes scattered throughout the forest walls. (Warning: major spoiler)

    1. To get the code, walk back to the starting point (the area where the corpse of Alice lies)

    2. Use the lens from the inventory list and view the forest walls through it. You will find hidden words inked in fluorescent, such as “why won’t it open”, “Help me”, “Kill the Rabbit” and many more. But somewhere, on the extreme right you will see the number 8. Note it down on a piece of paper.

    Use the Lens to Unearth Hidden Codes 

    3. Now, go right (click on the right hand side heart) and note down the first digit that you notice. In this way keep on going right and note down the digits until you get all six digits.

    Alice is Dead Walkthrough - The Treasure Chest Area Numeric Code 

    4. Go back to the briefcase and click on the lock to enter the numbers you noted down. Open the briefcase and you are in for a surprise.