2029 Online Gunner Guide For Beginners

2029 Online Gunner Guide For Beginners
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Gunners Of The Future

IGG’s 2029 Online has an open-class system that allows players to build up their character in the way that they see fit. Much like Joymax’s DarkEden, the character classes in 2029 Online are based on where you put your points and what sort of character you would like to play out of an MMO.

This 2029 Online gunner guide for beginners will help lay out some of the details and skills that revolve around using the gunner column in the free-to-play, futuristic, online RPG. Find out the details surrounding some of the skills and attacks that make a gunner effective in battle.

The Basics Of Wielding A Gun

Only humans can dual-wield

The are actually two different kinds of gun classes in the game, one is for dual-wielding hand guns while the other is for rifles. The gunner class category focuses mainly on pistols, sub-machine guns, hand-cannons, laser guns and just about any other projectile-based weapon that can be dual-wielded.

The highlight of gunner weapons as opposed to rifle-based weapons is that they fire faster and are excellent for dispatching of multiple enemies using plenty of skills. Only the Human class can use guns and rifles, as well as the accompanying skills that go along with the weapons. The Elves are limited to wands and the Dryads use cannons and swords.

Gunner Skills: Part 1

Skills and weapons of a gunner

Here’s a list of the gunner skills leading up to level 50. Most second and third tier versions of these skills only become available after maxing out the first set of skills.

Burst 1: This is a basic skill for gunners that fires three projectiles at a single enemy. As this skill gets leveled up it does more damage, making it excellent for a lead-in combo attack.

Ice Bomb 1: This skill slows down enemies while dealing moderate damage. Leveling this skill up will mostly keep a single mob moving at a crawl. This is a good skill for multiple mobs by using it to keep one enemy slow while dealing damage to another enemy.

Sharp Shell 1: A skill like this is great for gunner-specific players who like to use DoTs. This adds consistent damage for a duration of 10 seconds. As this skill is leveled up the damage increases for the duration. This skill becomes accessible after level 20

Gunner Skills: Part 2

 A high level gunner with a high level car

Stop Bomb 1: An anesthetic AoE skill that stops all enemies from moving within the area. This skill has a 3 second duration at level 1.

Burst 2: An upgraded version of Burst 1. In order to access this skill you must level up Burst 1 to level 9. This skill unleashes massive damage on a single enemy.

Bomb Misfire 1: This skill is an AoE attack that deals out set damage to any enemies within range. This is a good skill to use for leveling up or grinding on specific mobs.

Ice Bomb 2: This is an advanced version of the level 1 Ice Bomb skill, dealing out additional damage and provides even more powerful movement inhibitors on the target. Ice Bomb 1 must be level 9 before gaining access to Ice Bomb 2.

Burst 3: This is the third level of the Burst skill that starts dealing damage at around 1,000hp and requires players to be level 50 to use. Of course, Burst 1 and Burst 2 both have to be at level 9 in order to access Burst 3.

Grabbing A Few Grenade Skills

Imitating Master Chief in the desert

To be completely honest, any particular skill trait by itself may not be entirely enough unless you join a guild where they require specific skill traits from a specific class category. However, for the most part, when solo leveling out in the harsh world of 2029 Online, it’s best to be equipped with all the necessary skill-sets and abilities to handle small, large and multiple mobs all at once.

As a gunner, many of the skills will have cool-downs that prevent them from being spammed repeatedly. This can put a huge damper on trying to fight two or more mobs at once given that you’ll have to adjust the skills to the mobs in hopes of not dying before killing them. To add some leverage in your favor, it’s best to add a few points into the first grenade skill under the grenade skill-class category. This will enable you to lob a grenade every once in a while that will do physical damage to any of the mobs in the surrounding area. It also works great for a combo attack with other gunner skills.

Hopefully this beginner guide for gunners helped clarify what you can expect from them in 2029 Online. For more MMO class guides and walkthroughs be sure to check them out here at Bright Hub. For further information on 2029 Online you can learn more by visiting the Official Website.