English Fighting Style Walkthrough For JingWu Online

English Fighting Style Walkthrough For JingWu Online
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In-Game Server Screens

If you followed the first part of the guide for downloading and registering World of JingWu, then it’s time to launch the game. Simply input the username and password you provided during registration after you boot up the game launcher, and click on the bright orange button. After that the launcher should auto-patch the game like any standard MMO.

Once you’re logged in the game will check for any further updates and once it gets finished press the yellowish-orange button yet again. The game should boot up into the channel selection menu for various levels. The main screen starts on the channel for newbie players level 1 through 20. The menu on the left has a few other active channels for players between 21 and 99 as well as channels dedicated to Gym battles. Beginners should stick with the first channel. Select one of the active servers and proceed to the next screen.

Selecting A Fighting Style

Character selection screen

The next screen will bring you to the create-a-character menu if it’s your first time playing. You can select from the available character avatars that happen to be associated with different martial arts disciplines. In this game the fighting styles work as traditional MMO character classes and each offer their own form of skills, combos, grab attacks, counters and special juggle moves. The different styles that they’ve added to the game, so far, are:

Mizong, Tae Kwon Do, Ba Ji, Judo, Tai Chi, Muay Thai

You might want to pick each style and test out the character to see if you like it before settling with just one. Once you get done picking your character simply input a name and it will guide you to the eight-step playing tutorial. The tutorial is quite straight-forward and will guide players through the basic combo and fighting mechanics within the game for the selected character. Simply follow the on-screen icons for the appropriate button combinations and commands to proceed through each step. After the tutorial is complete then it’s time to actually start playing the game.

Main Lobby Screen

Before kicking butt you might want to check out the competition

Once you get to the main game screen for leveling, fighting or buying items it may look a little overwhelming. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know: All the important tabs are located at the very bottom of the screen. The very first tab in the bottom left hand corner takes you to the item shop to purchase new equipment (most of the items or cash shop gear can’t be bought until you’re level 7 or higher). The next tab takes you to the special bonus item screen where you can equip bonus cards earned from completing objectives or beating opponents. To activate the bonus cards simply click on them and press the first button. Most of the cards are self-explanatory like the exp-up cards or the extra damage bonus cards.

Gyms, Quests And Versus Matches Explored

The Helghast return…

The third tab in the main game screen takes you to the Gym List, which works as guilds. But this probably isn’t going to be on your priority list of things to do given that if you’re a beginner, joining a guild should not be at the top of your priority list. The fourth tab in the main screen at the very bottom is for quests. The quest system is setup kind of neat, insofar that normal quests can be incorporated into the standard versus or team matches. Simply activate the quest when you’re the appropriate level from the “Normal Quest” selection (and yes, the selection is in English) and complete the requirement to obtain the quest bonus. The “Story Mode” quest is pretty cool because players must complete against a series of challenging NPCs to acquire money, experience points and rank. The “Story Mode” quest is probably the best place to start as a newbie, as you can earn quick cash and level up without losing too badly.

Training Center And Mini-Games

The best way to learn is to practice

The fifth tab on the main lobby screen will take you to the training center. There are a number of selections that allow players to practice moves, complete training tutorials or practice combos. Just like in Tekken, players can easily see what moves are at their disposal and even have the AI demonstrate the move before practicing it. There is even an option to have the AI stand around like a helpless dummy while a player can pummel away and try out some nitfy attacks Again, this setup is fairly self-explanatory if you click around a bit.

The sixth and last tab at the bottom of the main lobby screen is for the mini-games. This is a pretty cool feature as players can take on various tasks to try and earn a spot among the legends. The only available mini-game at the time of this guide being published is the “Fight 100” challenge, which, as the name implies, has you fighting 100 NPCs in succession, sort of like a survival mode.

Creating A Match And Team Game Options

Taking a hit for the team

A few other things to take note of in the lobby screen is the quick-play button, which is perfect for getting acquainted with the gameplay against other players and the main match window to the left, which allows you to select how you would like to play. The match window shows rooms currently available and if they are occupied or not with the little blue person indicators. There are three main buttons at the bottom of the lobby window. The first and second one are just to show games worth joining while the last button at the bottom of the lobby window allows you to create your room and set the match options. You’ll also notice that the main lobby window also has two buttons above it that allow you to switch between one-on-one bouts and tag-team bouts for up to six-players per match.

Time To Show Thy Skills Young Grasshopper

The grasshopper becomes the master

The last set of options that beginners may need to know about is the character stats and system options located at the very top of the main lobby screen to your right. The first icon is for character stats and specialties that become active after reaching a certain level. The tab next to it showcases the players current move list. The two-person icon (third from the left at the very top) is for friends or buddies (assuming someone is joining you in the game), while the little mail icon is for system messages and other messages that can be sent to players in the game. The trophy icon shows the top ranking players in the game while the little gear is for the options, used for adjusting game settings and controls. The very last icon at the top is for the system help guide.

Hopefully this guide will help players get acquainted with the game, especially for those of you looking for a decent MMO-style fighting game like Tekken. For community support with English speaking gamers, feel free to visit the KwonHo player’s forum for World of JingWu Online, which also contains a quick user-guide for playing as well.

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