Complete Raskulls Achievement Guide

Complete Raskulls Achievement Guide
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Raskulls Achievement Guide - Story Progression

Bone On!! (10 GS)** - Win a race in Mega Quest!
  • Cheaters Never Prosper (20 GS) - Defeat that dastardly Thief at the end of Chapter 1.
  • Flip Out (20 GS) - Unleash your power and defeat the boss at the end of Chapter 2.
  • Hail to the King (25 GS) - Complete the Mega Quest and bring peace to the Raskulls.

These first four achievements are unlocked naturally through the story mode called “Mega Quest” and cannot be missed.

  • King of Bling (25 GS) - Collect every Medallion in the Mega Quest.

Medallions are earned in both story events and bonus levels. There are 67 medallions to collect in total: 20 in Chapter 1, 23 in Chapter 2, and 24 in Chapter 3. Several are optional and not required to progress through the Mega Quest, but for the purposes of this achievement you must collect all 67.

Raskulls Achievement Guide - Combat

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Zuppercut! (10 GS)** - Launch Raskulls upwards with the Thunder Staff 10 times (Local or Xbox LIVE multiplayer).

The Thunder Staff power-up is obtained by running over one of the many presents littered throughout an event. Activating a present grants you a random power-up in a manner very similar to the Mario Kart series. Thunder Staff comes in two flavors: single or triple use. Attack opponents 10 different times with Thunder Staff over the course of your Raskulls multiplayer career to unlock the achievement; the tally is cumulative and the 10 Thunder Staff strikes do not have to be performed in the same match.

  • Flame Grilled (10 GS) - Hit three other Raskulls with a single Flame Charge.

Flame Charge is another power-up obtained via presents. Like Thunder Staff, it comes in either single or triple charge form. This achievement requires you to hit three opponents at once with a solitary Flame Charge. It can be tricky to pull off legitimately, so should you have too much difficulty you can instead boost this online with friends, or in offline split-screen mode using multiple controllers.

Raskulls Achievement Guide - Multiplayer

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Tell Friends About This Game (10 GS)** - Win a four-player local Grand Prix match – and don't forget to brag about it!

You need four controllers to earn this achievement. First sign in with three additional dummy profiles, and then win a Grand Prix against them with your primary profile. This must be done in local multiplayer only; Xbox Live matches do not count.

  • Five Times a Raskull (20 GS) - Win 5 Xbox LIVE Grand Prix matches.

This is as straightforward as it sounds. Either boost with friends or legitimately win five Xbox Live Grand Prix matches.

  • Smarty Pants… (20 GS) - Win by jumping off another Raskull to an out of reach finish (Local or Xbox LIVE multiplayer).

Certain race events can be won by crossing one of multiple available finish lines. Some are initially out of reach unless you use an object to boost yourself up. In this case, the object you’ll need to use is an opponent. Like the other multiplayer achievements, this can be done legitimately or by boosting with friends.

Raskulls Achievement Guide - Misc.

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Uncomfortably Energetic! (10 GS)** - Keep a single Frenzy going for 10 seconds (Excludes Mega Quest bosses and "Stay Frenzied" races).

A Frenzy in Raskulls is essentially a controlled burst of speed. Your Frenzy meter can be raised by collecting individual boostie bubbles, jars of boostie bubbles, or passing through a gold-colored boostie zone. Maintaining a Frenzy for ten seconds requires more boosties than a single full Frenzy meter can provide. In order to succeed, you need to be in an area that has a boostie zone near several boostie jars. An excellent spot to do this is the second race of the Crown Cup Grand Prix.

  • Accomplished Blocksmith (20 GS) - Destroy 20,000 blocks across all modes (That is, the small blocks that make up the big blocks).

You will earn this achievement naturally by playing through the Raskulls Mega Quest and online modes, so don’t focus your attention on it.