Complete Arcania: Gothic 4 Achievement Guide

Complete Arcania: Gothic 4 Achievement Guide
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Story Progression

These first batch of achievements are unlocked during natural progression of the storyline. They’re unmissable barring one exception: the Bad Dog achievement.

  • Teacher Beater (5 GS) - Prove your mettle to your mentor.

  • Family Man (5 GS) - Receive Ivy’s agreement to marry you.

  • Queenslayer (5 GS) - Defeat the loam vermin queen.

  • Bane of the Bandits (5 GS) - Clear the bridge to Stewark.

  • Kingmaker (15 GS) - Bring stability to Stewark.

  • Champion of Silverlake (15 GS) - Receive access to the Silverlake archives.

  • Master of the Elements (20 GS) - Obtain an audience with the Grand Master of Water in Tooshoo.

  • Chosen by Fire and Shadow (25 GS) - Learn the secrets of the abbots of the Sea Cliff Monastery.

  • Bad Dog (30 GS) - Defeat Jabo’s watchdog. The opportunity to unlock this achievement comes after leaving the Sea Cliff Monastery. You will meet a man named Bartur who wants you to deliver seeds to Jabo. The seeds are retrieved in a gorge you’ll pass through before the jungle area Jabo resides in. Hug the left wall of the gorge and you’ll locate the seeds quickly. Continue to the jungle and head north until you find Jabo. He will take the seeds, and then ask you to kill his watchdog. Go further north to find the creature. Kill it and return to Jabo.

  • Seeker (35 GS) - Gain access to the forgotten temple.

  • Forged by Destiny (40 GS) - Claim the power of the divine forge.

  • Avenger (50 GS) - Claim revenge for Feshyr.

  • Saviour (150 GS) - Defeat an ancient evil.

Level Progression

To attain the maximum level of 30 you need dedication and thoroughness. Complete every quest you receive and explore every corner of the map to accumulate all possible experience points. You won’t hit level 30 until near the endgame.

  • Awakened (5 GS) - Reach level 2.
  • Greenhorn (10 GS) - Reach level 5.
  • Adventurer (20 GS) - Reach level 10.
  • Veteran (40 GS) - Reach level 20.
  • Legend (20 GS) - Reach level 30.

Crafting and Mercantile

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  • Deft Hands (5 GS) - Craft your first item.
  • Weaponsmith (20 GS) - Craft five weapons.
  • Alchemist (20 GS) - Brew 50 potions/elixirs. Cooking food also counts towards this.
  • Master Chef (10 GS) - Learn all recipes. Many recipes can be missed once you leave a location, so always buy every available recipe from NPC merchants before continuing to the next area.
  • Glutton (10 GS) - Consume 200 items. Drink potions, eat food, and use bandages; all consumable items qualify.
  • Merchant (20 GS) - Sell 200 items.
  • Richer than Diego (20 GS) - Hoard 200,000 gold. This amount of gold must be in your inventory at one time and is not cumulative.


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  • First Blood (5 GS) - Kill an enemy.
  • Deadly Adversary (20 GS) - Kill 500 enemies.
  • Army of One (25 GS) - Kill 1,000 enemies.
  • Hunter (5 GS) - Kill an enemy with a ranged weapon.
  • Initiate (5 GS) - Kill an enemy with magic.
  • Champion (20 GS) - Kill 100 enemies with melee weapons.
  • Marksman (20 GS) - Kill 100 enemies with ranged weapons.
  • Battlemage (20 GS) - Kill 100 enemies with magic.
  • Duelist (20 GS) - Kill 100 enemies with flurries. First you must unlock the “Flurries” skill in the “Discipline” category of your skill tree. Flurries are executed with melee weapons and are activated once you see your weapon glow after striking an enemy. Press the “X” button on your controller to start the flurry once your weapon glows. It requires precise timing and practice to pull off consistently.
  • Sniper (20 GS) - Kill 100 enemies with headshots. Headshots can only be performed by manually aiming with ranged weapons. This is best attempted on enemy spell-casters and bowmen, as they need to stand still to target you.
  • Arcane Reaper (20 GS) - Kill 300 enemies with magic.
  • Chickenbane (10 GS) - Kill 10 chickens. Chickens can be found in almost every major city.


  • Explorer (20 GS) - Cover more than 50 km on foot. Don’t focus too much attention on this achievement as it will come naturally over the course of the game.
  • Jackrabbit (10 GS) - Jump 1,000 times.
  • Relaxed Attitude (10 GS) - Used beds or chairs for 60 minutes. Very silly achievement as using a bed or chair provides no in-game benefit. Either peck away at it a bit at a time or sit your character down, leave your Xbox 360 on and go watch TV for an hour.


  • Ancient Treasure (25 GS) - Obtain all 30 ancient relics.
  • Radiant Blessing (25 GS) - Obtain all 30 Innos statuettes.
  • Dark Reward (25 GS) - Obtain all 30 Beliar artifacts.

Game Completion

  • Knight in Shining Armor (10 GS) - Complete all quests.
  • Conqueror (50 GS) - Complete game on “Gothic” difficulty level. This is without question the most challenging achievement. In “Gothic” mode enemies do not respawn, so you cannot grind to increase your level. Enemies hit harder and have a huge amount of hit points. Save often and don’t be afraid to retreat and regroup in the middle of an intense fight.
  • Geek (40 GS) - Obtain all other achievements in Arcania: Gothic 4.

All screenshots/references for the Arcania: Gothic 4 Achievement Guide from Spellbound Entertainment’s Arcania: Gothic 4 and author’s own experience.