NCAA Football 12 Cheats: Win Every Game With These Unfair Advantages

NCAA Football 12 Cheats: Win Every Game With These Unfair Advantages
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NCAA Football ‘12 can be a difficult game to play. Sometimes it seems that the computer is simply out to get you, and it doesn’t matter what play you call, you just can’t get anything going.

Well, if the game is going to cheat in its favor, then why not turn the tables and use a few cheats of your own? Check out some of the best ways to gain an unfair advantage in NCAA Football ‘12.

Quit Game, Start Over

This first cheat is a simple one, and a throwback to days spent on playgrounds matched up against unfair opponents. Is the computer running up the score, repeatedly grabbing unbelievable interceptions and knocking your quarterback to the ground? Well, then. Show that game who’s boss: take your ball and go home.

If you’re about to lose an important dynasty game, for example, and you don’t want the negative mark on your overall record, simply hit the start button, select “quit game,” and try again. As long as the game is not complete your record will not be affected, and you can try some of our other cheats before you dive back in to try again.

Switch Controllers

Tackling is important for defensive players

This is a classic cheat and one that has been utilized for so many years it always surprises me that they don’t remove the ability to use it. If your opponent is taking you to school, pause the game, select “settings,” then “select sides.” Move your controller over to your opponents side and take over control of their team.

Now, you can make their quarterback run backward to his own 1 yard line and get tackled, earn yourself safety after safety, or just punt on first down. It’s not hard to win when your opponent is working so hard to lose.

Re-Order Depth Charts

Another trick in the “sabotage your opponent” category is re-ordering their depth charts. You can either do this from the Team Management menu or after you’ve taken control of your opponents team in-game.

Pop into the depth chart and put your opponents punter or last-string defensive tackle in at starting quarterback. Think they have a running attack that’s too powerful to stop? Not so when you replace the halfback with the kicker and the offensive line with the five lowest-rated defensive backs.

Just make sure you edit not only the starters, but also the backups. Unless, of course, you want your opponent to suddenly get much better on defense when the backups come in.

Edit Existing Players

Oregon versus Texas

Another advantage of total roster control is the ability to simply edit the existing players on a team. I’m no fan of the Oregon Ducks, and I especially despise their talented running back LaMichael James (or HB #21 in the game). Let’s just see how many Heisman votes he gets with a speed rating of 40 and an agility rating of 41.

You can also use this trick to upgrade your team’s existing players. Got a crappy offensive line? Not when you bump up each starter’s blocking stats to 99. Need a better secondary? Give your cornerbacks and safeties a speed boost, up their awareness, and raise their catching to 99 to dominate opposing pass attacks.

Create 99 Rating Players

NCAA Football 12’s Create a Player Mode is another valuable tool in the cheater’s arsenal. There’s no rule that says you need to be fair or even reasonable when it comes to creating your own players. Feel free to make a quarterback with 99 in all throwing stats, agility, speed, and break tackle. Opposing defenses will have trouble stopping a QB who can run better than any back in the league when he scrambles.

Why not make it extra fun and bump that same player’s tackling, block shedding, hit power, and other defensive stats to the maximum, as well? Make him an ironman starter at both QB and DE and dominate both sides of the ball.

There’s no limit to the number of super players you can create. Replace all of your skill positions on offense and score 80 points a game or build a team of super “hog mollies” for your offensive line and get 400 rushing yards. It’s up to you and how much tolerance you have for blatant unfairness.

“Cheating” is such an ugly word. Really, when you’re taking advantage of the systems already built into the game, aren’t you just maximizing your own chances for victory? These techniques don’t require any cheat codes to be entered or special advantages to be unlocked, they’re simply part of the game.

The CPU-controlled teams always seem to have a bit of an unfair advantage, so what’s wrong with simply leveling the playing field a bit?


All screenshots and references from NCAA Football ‘12.