Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - How to Recruit the Justicar

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - How to Recruit the Justicar
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CSI: Illium

Recruiting Samara isn’t too hard. We do have to find her first though. You need to talk to Liara and ask about the justicar. She’ll point you to an officer liaison by the shipping area. Just walk through the shipping department and around to the administrative desk. Talk to Officer Dara and hail a cab at the end to reach the lower dock. Note that you can’t leave this area until you’ve finished the mission.

Things are a little heated around the spaceport. Talk to Pitne For to learn a bit about the justicar and his murdered partner, then walk into the police department and talk to Detective Anaya. She’ll let you into the crime scene to look for the justicar. Go back out and cross the digital tape. Look at the shipping records while we’re here to get an assignment and then move forward. Search the area and then go up. You’ll run right into an Eclipse squad. Stay behind some boxes and take them down. It’s a small group. Cross the crime scene and find Samara. Talk to her to get the next mission.

A Little Raid

Walk to Pitne For and find out what’s going on. You can use a renegade interrupt to threaten him if you want. He’ll explain the dirty shipment that he’s a part of and he should give you the passcode. He apparently decided to trick the Eclipse Sisters, which is why his partner is dead. You can take the elevator near him up to the Eclipse Hideout. Go on up. There’s a mech right next to the door. Just take it down and get behind some cover. Hold your position and watch for the Eclipse mercs up ahead. You should be able to shoot right through their little guard post. I assume you’re pretty good with combat by this point in the game. Regardless, clear the room and grab the new Scimitar Shotgun from the table.

As a side note, we’ll be introduced to the special toxin. These red clouds will give a boost to biotics, but the toxin will build quickly. It will start to hurt you if the meter fills, so get ready to run to a new spot if you get caught in a cloud. You can also shoot the canisters of toxin around the Eclipse Sisters to kill them, just like an explosive barrel.

You can check a side room to find a girl named Elnora. She claims to want out. You can be nice and ignore the renegade interrupt, or you can gun her down for some renegade points. The paragon path will give you some information on the ship. Note that she is actually a heartless murderer, as you’ll learn later on, so it is a little more justifiable. Grab some biotics research in back and then move out. Go up the stairs and engage another group. There’s nothing too exciting.

Keep moving and keep up the fight. You’ll find more mechs and more sisters. You’ll basically have the same battle a few more times and then come out to a much more open area with a gunship visible in the background. It should just fly off. Don’t bother damaging it now. It will repair before we see it again.

Move on over to the next group of mechs and take them out. Cross the little bridge and you should see a gunship pull right up.

The Gunship

Mass Effect 2 Guide - Recruiting Samara - The Gunship

It actually shouldn’t be that tough, especially if you have a heavy weapon. The only problem is that there isn’t much cover in the first area besides those fragile crates. Try to stay in the second spot on the bridge for the time being. Use the back wall for cover and start hitting it. Use incinerate to really dish out a lot of damage. It should fall back and aimlessly fire at you for a bit, then rush over to the entrance. Switch to the wall facing it and wait for the machine gun fire to die down. It should drop a few FENRIS mechs, but they aren’t a problem for now. Try to hit it with incinerate again and it should crash.

Bypass the door in front of you to reach the end of the hideout. You can read the shipping manifest to get evidence of Pitne For’s smuggling and you can get another data pad of Elnora’s confession. Grab both and look for the volus down the hall. You can either convince him that he is a biotic god or get him to lay down and stay out of the battle. Just make your choice and then go into Captain Wasea’s room.

Killing Captain Wasea

She’s a strong biotic, but she only has a few guards with heavy weapons to support her. After all that we’ve fought, they’re easy to kill. The biggest problem is that she will throw a ton of the toxic crates around. It got so bad that I had to advance just to be able to see her. When you move up, she should fall back. Just keep moving. Once her guards are down, you just have to knock out the barrier and crush her with a few good shots. Search her desk to grab the data pad with the ship’s name on it. We’ll actually handle this as our loyalty mission, but for now we’re done.

Go back and talk to Pitne For. Renegade’s can sell the shipping manifest to him for 9,000 credits. Paragons need to hand it over to detective Anaya for 4,200. Step inside and talk to Samara to give her the information and gain her oath. Tell her that you have business with the detective. You won’t be able to come back here, so do it now. You can hand over the evidence of Elnora’s crime too and pick up some paragon or renegade points, so it’s worth it.

Go back to the Normandy

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