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Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Recruiting Thane - "The Assassin"

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We're going to add a good sniper to our party now. Thane is a top assassin and he's right in the middle of a mission on Illium. We need to move in and protect him, which means killing a whole lot of security inside the building.

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    In order to get to Thane, we'll need to talk to our friend on Illium. Head on over to the trading floor and go up the stairs to find Liara's office. Talk to her and you can ask about Thane and Samara. We'll obviously just handle Thane for now.

    Just go out of the trading floor and swing into the shipping office. You can find Seryna at her desk. Ask about Thane and then take a ride over to the tower. You'll end up at the loading dock right as the attack begins.

    I suggest that you bring Jack and Grunt. Jack's biotics are great for tearing through the primarily unarmored mercenaries and mechs. Grunt's just a good soldier to have.

    We just start fighting mechs. They'll have standard bots and a few of the FENRIS dog ones. Just shoot through the glass and get them. Advance and go to the left to get some medi-gel and hack a terminal. Go through the door on the right and talk to the wounded Salarian. You can go ahead and use a paragon interrupt to heal him before you go.

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    Fight to the Elevator

    Advance and start your fight against the Eclipse mercenaries. I'm debating whether this counts as three separate battles or one giant fight. We'll just have to keep moving and fighting. There are mechs and mercs all along the floor. Just move from cover to cover and you'll be fine. There's not much to say in particular. There should just be grunts and a few vanguards around here. About halfway through you can take a side route along the edge of the building to flank them. I suggest just punching right through though. Mass Effect 2 Guide - Thane - The Elevator - This is why you stay far away from the krogan 

    Once you make it to the end, you'll find an elevator door. Don't use it just yet. Keep going and cut to the other side of the room. At the end of the long one-way path you should find a special Viper sniper rifle. This is great for an infiltrator and good for a soldier. You should also be able to hack a terminal around here for some extra money too along with more medi-gel and some power cells.

    Go back and check the wall to find a locked door. Bypass the lock and you can find a few Salarian workers. Let them out and learn that our assassin seems to have a heart of gold. Get the money from the locker and then move to the elevator.

    As your squad will point out, this is kind of an attack waiting to happen. This is a good ambush position. There's one low wall facing the elevator. Tell your squad to wait there while you take up a spot further away. There's a low wall back and to the right a little bit.

    When the elevator comes down, it will bring two engineers and a krogan bounty hunter. The bounty hunter should have a barrier and armor. This is why we're further back, if you were wondering. You can use your new rifle to blast through his barrier and incinerate to burn through the armor. He dies easily after that. The engineers are more of an annoyance. Just put a few rounds into them and they'll die and take their combat drones with them.

    When you're ready, take the elevator up.

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    Push to the Bridge

    We'll stumble right into the squad leader up here. He won't say much. If you want, you can do the renegade interrupt and throw him off of the tower. This is supposed to alert his squad, but it never did in my case. If you don't throw him off you can successfully interrogate him and gain some information. You can then pick paragon and let him go without alerting anyone or kill him and alert the squad.

    Turn back around and make sure that you pick up the data pad back here. It's free money. You can just turn this in to the salarian on the trading floor for money.Mass Effect 2 Guide - Thane - The Bridge and the Rocket Turrets 

    Both doors lead to the same room. Just pick one and take cover. If you can, blow up some of the mechs before they activate. There are some more mercenaries and mechs here. Nothing too new though. You should be able to just break right through them. You can bypass the door here to find a few more workers. One of them will point a gun at you. Renegades can punch him and knock him out. Paragons just need to wait for him to faint.

    Check the area for another PDA and then head out. You can taunt Nassana through the comms terminal if you want. Go ahead up to the bridge access area. We're almost home free. Run out and get behind something quickly. We're facing the elites now. Take out the mechs quickly to thin the herd and then try to pick off the commandos one by one. There should be some explosives you can hit too.

    You should be able to keep everyone in front of you if you don't go too far out. Just go slow and steady. There some mineral that you can grab. There is also a PDA with an astonishing 12,000 credits on it. You can also scan his submachine gun and access the weapons locker for a tradeout. I suggest you check it a few times to get more ammo.

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    The Bridge

    When you're ready, drop down onto the bridge for the last push. Get behind some cover and get ready for a long fight. There are a few Eclipse troopers ready near the front, so try to use some abilities to take them out quickly. There are two rocket turrets at the back of the bridge. They shouldn't hit you while you're at the back of the bridge, but you still need to be careful. Leapfrog up to the next set of boxes and try to take out the vanguards or commandos that should be advancing. Yu should also be in range of the rocket turrets, so fire at them until they blow up.

    Go ahead and just push up to the end of the bridge. The ramp provides all the cover you need and you can take cover behind some boxes at the top. For fun, if you get it down to just one commando you can just melee him about 10 times. Once the last dies just go through the door to meet Thane. He'll take care of everything, so just recruit him at the end and go.

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