Mass Effect 2: Final Mission Walkthrough

Mass Effect 2: Final Mission Walkthrough
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Suicide Mission

In this Mass Effect 2 walkthrough, there will be details of the final mission in the game and an explanation on how to go about completing it effectively. The Mass Effect 2 final mission takes place on the other side of the Omega 4 relay – a desolate ship scrap yard of failed attempts at mapping out the destination. Inside this asteroid field of broken ship parts is a Collector base teeming with enemies for Commander Shepard to fight. After gathering a team – while gaining their loyalty – and building all available ship upgrades, going through the relay will initiate the end game of the Mass Effect 2 suicide mission.

Mass Effect 2 Final Mission Tips

After seeing the cutscene, Shepard will land on the Collector base, while being presented with a couple of choices. Having completed each team member’s loyalty mission – which is imperative in not having them die later in the suicide mission – either Legion or Tali will need to enter the vents and systematically open doors. For the second choice, Miranda, Garrus or Jacob are required to lead the second team, with any other members being killed if picked ahead of them.

Upon entering the base, the target should be the first set of valves. These valves need to be disabled in order for Legion or Tali to move through the vents. If too much time is taken, their health will drain and they will eventually die, ending in a failure of the Mass Effect 2 final mission. Effectively dispatching the enemies will drain some health from the person in the vent, but it is best to clear out each room of Collector’s, in order to make the traversal easier.

Mass Effect 2 Final Mission Choices

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The next custcene will play after the valves & vents have been taken care of. Kelly Chambers will die if unsuccessful in saving the crew while a random colonist will die otherwise. Following the scene further choices are required regarding the saviour of the crew as well as biotic protection from a seeker swarm. Samara (Morinth) or Jack can create a biotic shield while Mordin is the best option to help the crew back to the ship. This choice guarantees Mordin lives, even if all loyal team members can do this job and not be killed.

A series of attacks await the escorting of the biotic. After three separate waves, of incremental difficulty, both the secondary and Shepard’s teams will reunite to make preparations for the final mission battle. Two members are required for this battle, with everyone not chosen being left to defend from the rear. Tali, Jack or Thane are good choices to help with the final fight while Grunt, Zaeed, Garrus and Jacob are required to provide a solid defence against the onslaught of husks, abominations & Collectors.

Mass Effect 2 - Final Mission

Mass 003

When moving onto the platform, staying at the back in cover and picking off each Collector one-by-one can navigate this conflict easily. The abominations don’t react if they’re far away, allowing them to be picked off with a Sniper rifle. The next stage requires shooting of the big tubes around the “Human Reaper”. After the platform stops, there will be several Collectors that need to be dispatched, while shooting the tubes as shutters obscure them procedurally. This process is sped up – like the final boss fight after this – by careful use of the “Adrenaline Rush” ability.

Use of heavy weapons is the easiest way to defeat the now awakened “Human Reaper”. Combined with “Adrenaline Rush” and accurate Sniper or Assault Rifle fire, this boss battle should be over fairly soon. Collectors attack during this Mass Effect 2 final mission boss, but the other two team members should allow enough respite to complete the job on the bigger problem. Predicate to decisions on team members or whether to destroy/save the base, the final scenes of the game will be different, going from Shepard being able to die or greatly anger the Illusive Man. From there, the credits roll and thus ends one of 2010‘s best games.

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