Madden NFL09 Training Camp Guide: Advance Plays to Improve Your Madden NFL 09 Game Play on the Wii

Madden NFL09 Training Camp Guide: Advance Plays to Improve Your Madden NFL 09 Game Play on the Wii
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Turn overs are key, control the ball

Run the ball, then when they put more men on the line, throw over the top

Control the field of play and you will win

Madden NFL 09 All-Play Competition Drills

Welcome to week two of Madden NFL 09 All-Play Training Camp, if you’ve made it this far then you must have a few skills the coaches want to see more of. So, if you’re ready, go get suited up and well see what you can do!

The Competition mode has all the drills we will be running you through here, but these drills won’t have any skill level options or Game Situations to practice.

The drills:

Wide Receiver Catch Practice Drill -- this drill also appears in the Franchise mode along with the Mini-Camp drills.

Alright boys, this drill is very similar to the defensive back swat drill from week one, only this time were going to put you in the shoes of the wide receiver and see if you have any running and catching skills. There won’t be as many dummies on the field of play, so you have more elbow-space, and space to run. The actual catching is easier in this mode, and since you’re a receiver with sticky hands, you will hardly ever need to dive to catch the ball as long as you keep running. A yellow indicator will appear briefly on screen to give you a target to run too, so keep your eye on the field of play as soon as you make the catch.

Offensive Line Quarterback Protection Drill

The defensive linemen will attack you like a pack of wild dogs reacting to the dinner bell, so shove the Wii remote forward when they get near to pancake as many as you can. Once they get beyond you, you won’t be able to block them from behind, and the quarterback will pay the price. Face the defenders as much as you can and don’t use the sprint button very often or you’ll run right past them. The coaches will blow the stop whistle for this drill after the quarterback is sacked three times and then your score will be totaled to determine the final mark.

Wide Receiver Route Running Drill

This drill is a hard one to do right because the quarterback is usually passing to you off-screen most of the time. Practice running distinct comeback and hook routes that leave you in front of the defensive man covering you. Make sure your cuts are sharp enough to keep the defensive back guessing and the quarterback can anticipate your route.

Punter Inside the Twenty Yardline Drill

This drill is almost the same as the Coffin Corner Punt Drill, with the main difference being balls you kick that hit the ground will bounce around. The best thing to do is to aim the punt indicator toward the side lines inside the twenty yard line, so that you kick the ball out of bounds within the twenty yard line. Just remember to kick the ball with full power on the meter to make sure it goes past the inner field.