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Guide to Lord of the Rings Online's Fall Festival

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/10/2012 • Leave a comment

Halloween has come to Middle Earth, giving you a chance to take a break from questing and enjoy the lighter side of LOTRO. This guide will show you how to get the most of the festival’s games and prizes.

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    Harvest Time in Middle Earth: Fall Festival Basics

    The festival takes place in four locations throughout the game world: The Shire’s Party Tree, Bree-land’s Festival Grounds (plus Bree itself), Thorin’s Hall and Dulliond in Erid Luin. Each location has its own unique events, so you’ll have to travel to every one to get the best festival experience. When you participate in these events you’ll earn tokens that can be traded in for a variety of items, or some other type of reward.

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    Pumpkins, Rocks, Apples and Scrolls

    There’s a quick and simple way to collect a number of festival tokens, and that’s through doing each area’s unique pick and trade quest. In Bree-land, go to the Festival Grounds and use the pumpkin patch. You’ll receive either a small, medium or large pumpkin, which can be traded in for one, two or three festival tokens, respectively. Odds are tilted towards receiving a small or medium one, but if you’re lucky you’ll bag a large pumpkin. The NPC to trade with is standing right next to the patch, so you can’t miss her.


    The events in the other three areas work similarly. In the underground tavern of Thorin’s Hall go and grab either a cracked, pristine or flawless geode. Dulliond’s festival area has you getting either unimpressive, well-written or elegant scrolls. Finally, The Shire’s Party Tree will have you bobbing for small, medium and large apples.

    These quests aren’t particularly exciting, but with only an hour long cooldown for each one they’re a great way to quickly rack up festival tokens. Being able to earn anywhere between four and twelve tokens an hour will easily let you win every prize the festival has to offer if you’re patient enough to repeat these events a few times.

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    Troves and Trickery: Bree and Thorin’s Hall

    Nothing says Halloween quite like trick or treating, and in that spirit you’ll be asked to play tricks on a number of Middle Earth’s residents. Each festival area has an NPC who will ask you to find four people and perform emotes on them. You aren’t told the precise emote you need to use, as instead you’ll need to puzzle it out based on the dialogue you’re given by each person. It’s a more rewarding experience if you figure it out on your own, but if you’re stuck here are the precise answers.

    In Bree, start by talking to the Human NPC just north of the Town Crier. Keep in mind that these quests are timed, but it’s a pretty generous limit so long as you don’t mess about too much. From the quest giver, head south to the town hall. Use /dustoff on Tad Ashmead, who is standing just outside of the building. Then head to the Bree hunting lodge and use /shiver on Tad Leafcutter. Next, head to the Vault but take the left turn before you reach it and you’ll run into Mat Heathertoes. Use /mock on him. Finally, find Lily Sandheaver by the West Bree stable. Use /yawn on her, then return to the initial NPC and collect your reward of either three fall festival tokens, or a special mask token. More on those later.


    In Thorin’s hall, start with the Dwarf NPC in the far right corner of the first room. Head next door to the Auction Hall and /charge any of the Auctioneers. Next, go to the crafting hall and /flex at Egil Oldbeard. Then go show Adwyn Flame-Eye your /pushups over by the Hunter Trainer. Last, head up to Dwalin’s thrown and throw a /tantrum at him, then go collect your reward.

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    Troves and Trickery: Dulliond and the Shire

    In Dulliond, talk to the Elf NPC in the festival area to begin. Directly to the east is Lubathred, and you need to /cower in his presence. Then head up the stairs until you bump into Nathronwen, and give her a /handstand. Go north across the bridge and /roar at Fanhir. To finish, travel way down to the Dulliond Housing Broker and give her a /whippitydo before returning to claim your reward.

    The Shire’s NPC is by the Party Tree. Start by heading to the farmland area southeast of where you begin and /smoke with Porto Brownlock. Just a little southwest of Porto you’ll find the Bywater Bridge and Ted Sandyman. Give him a /stretch. Then head across the bridge and in the middle of the town you’ll find Daddy Twofoot. Use /pick on him, then turn around and go back to the other side of the bridge. Climb the hill above the Party Tree to find Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, and give the unpleasant Hobbit a /faint. Then just drop back down to the initial NPC and turn the quest in.

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    Miscellaneous Quests

    There are a few more festival events that are worth checking out. If you visited the Travelling Farmer by the Shire’s Party Tree in the summer you’ll be able to return to her and collect your reward of a pot of mushrooms, which serves as a housing decoration. And while you’re at the Bree Festival Grounds be sure to see if the pie eating contest is running. It’s an obscure event as it only shows up during certain hours on random festival days, but if you take part you can earn a special title. All you need to do is begin the quest and then eat six pies from the nearby table in under a minute. It’s impossible to fail as long as you start right away and don’t waste time in-between pies.


    Finally, dancing and the Inn League make a comeback, as they do with every festival. To begin a dance, find the dance leader at each festival area and simply follow along with the steps they ask you to perform. The quest is on a twenty minute timer, so you may have to wait a bit before it shows up. You’ll earn your choice of new dance emotes as a reward. As for the Inn League, you can begin that adventure at the Party Tree. Drink six drinks, then head to each of the Shire’s taverns in turn as instructed and quaff another half dozen at each. Your reward is entry into the Inn League, or additional Inn League reputation if you’re already a member. Check the Summer Festival Guide for more details if you need them.

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    Rewards and Prizes

    Most of the Fall Festival’s rewards are housing items, which you can acquire for a small number of tokens each. Scarecrows, giant pumpkins and more can be used to give your house a distinctive Halloween feel. Also available are a set of four Halloween masks. Each one costs twelve tokens plus the special mask token earned from doing the troves and trick quests, and since each of the four quests offers a different kind of mask you’ll need to do them all if you want the complete set.


    Also available is a scroll that when used grants your character the ability to equip and play cowbells with the game’s music system. Finally, if you really save up the festival tokens you can trade them in for a horse token. This, in turn, can be combined with a proof of purchase from the horse seller in Bree, allowing you to trade in your generic horse for a special festival mount. So spend all those tokens you’ve earned on whatever looks good and enjoy the rewards the fall festival has to offer.

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