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Left 4 Dead 2 - Campaign - Dead Center: The Hotel

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Dead Center is a fun starter campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. I'll cover the first mission in this campaign as you fight your way through a burning hotel to make it back to the saferoom and the streets. This walkthrough should cover everything that you need to know.

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    Dead center is a good first campaign and it's actually one of my favorites. It has a lot of variety and some unique challenges to it. It's a really fun and fast campaign to play with a group of buddies.

    Before we start, I'll note that I'm basing my strategy off of playing it several times myself. The AI Director makes it difficult to do any complete guide, since there's a lot of inherent randomness to each level. I'll try to give you tips on getting through each challenge in the levels.

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    Reaching the Elevator

    It looks like we were a little late for our ride out of here. Go over to the table and arm yourself. We won't get any real guns until halfway through the level, so you have to make a choice between pistols and melee weapons. Melee stuff is good for slashing your way through the horde and getting quick kills on nearby special infected. Dual pistols (you can get 2, so why not?) are your only ranged option. At least one person needs to have pistols to handle smokers, spitters, and boomers. Also remember to grab a first aid kit.

    Open the door and go down the steps. Set up around the door and open it up when you're ready. Hang on here for a moment while you handle a possible horde rush. Then step out carefully and start checking the rooms. You don't have to do this, but you might as well check for supplies. The AI director isn't usually able to pull off too much fancy stuff here. There's usually a few cool things, like a katana or a shot. There's also usually a magnum on the table in the CEDA planning room. If you want something with a bit more punch, this is a suitable stand in for dual pistols against the horde. You shouldn't feel too exposed in this area. The good thing is that you should always be close to your team. This means that most special infected attacks can be handled quickly if you're paying attention. Just give them a good slash or gun them down.

    Push forward and get to the little storage room. Check the area for more pain pills, shots, or defibrillators. The AI doesn't seem to be too cruel on the ledges. You should still be alert for chargers, hunters, and jockeys that can send you over the edge though. To minimize your risk, jump into the first room and either move through the fire or go along the desk to get past it.

    The hallway should be fairly clear, so just focus on getting into the stairwell. The level below you should be fairly clear. It can catch on fire though (The AI director likes to break down the fire doors), so you may have to make a decision. I would suggest that you just leap over the fire though. You can go around it on the ledge, but it's a risky move to save a surprisingly low amount of health. Curve around with your little party and just keep slashing through any zombies in the lobby until you can get everyone into the elevator. This is a good place to heal too, since you'll be safe in the elevator for a bit while it goes to the ground.

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    The Lobby

    As soon as you open the elevator doors, you'll probably be hit by a horde rush. Just hang here for a moment and kill them off. They'll bottleneck in the elevator doors and they'll be very easy for your firing line to kill. Once the tide has died down a bit, you can move out. There should be an uzi on the ground in front of the elevator. There are shotguns ahead if you'd prefer one. Advance to the security room. I suggest getting shotguns for everyone, since I personally like them better than the SMG. There's also another first aid kit here if you need one. The special infected in this area will be very hit or miss. Basically, you just need to pay attention and shoot them off your teammates' backs. There's not a great way to handle it besides just hanging on for now.

    Go back out and rush forward to the kitchen. Just try to run as quickly as possible while keeping an eye on your team. You need to jump over the counter and walk around to the door, unless you want to lose a lot of health to save three seconds. If you can get past the kitchen, you're basically home free. Just follow the little path through the fire and curve back around until you hit the nice white hallway. Just make a straight run and gun pass until you make it to the safe room. If worse comes to worse, someone can always go inside and heal up quicky with a fresh health kit. They can then run back to rescue any dying survivors.