Guide to Just Cause 2 Achievements and Trophies for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

Guide to Just Cause 2 Achievements and Trophies for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
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For fans of open-world games and the potential to cause huge amounts of chaos and carnage, it doesn’t get much better than Just Cause 2. From an aerial assault on an oil rig to a covert approach by sea to the mysterious island in the north, this game has more moments that will make you say “that was awesome!” than a summer full of Hollywood blockbusters.

The game’s achievements reflect the game’s requirement that you create massive amounts of carnage. Far from a collection of tedious collection requirements (though there are a few of those), you can earn most of the awards simply by playing through the game and accomplishing your goals in the most destructive and creative way possible.

This guide covers both Xbox 360 achievements and Playstation 3 trophies, but simply refers to them as achievements for the sake of simplicity.

Stronghold and Faction Mission Achievements

There are three achievements you can earn by completing tasks for the three competing factions in Panau. Get the Gaining a Foothold achievement after you complete your first 3 stronghold takeovers.

Keep up your conquering ways to earn the Conqueror of Panau after you complete your 9th stronghold takeover.

Do enough work for the factions and you’ll earn the A Trusted Ally achievement. Yours after you complete 49 faction missions.

Sabotage, Destruction, and Speed Achievements

Destroy Anything Bearing this Star

Early on, you’ll earn the First Taste of Chaos achievement merely by causing chaos for the first time. As you destroy more and more objectives marked with the white Panauan star in Just Cause 2, you’ll earn the Saboteur and Destroyer achievements at 150 and 1000 total sabotages, respectively.

To earn the Destruction Frenzy achievement, you must destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds. A counter will pop up to help you keep track as you destroy more and more objects.

There are also two achievements earned by completing the various race challenges you’ll find scattered around the island. The first, Up to the Challenge 1, is yours after 10 challenges are complete. After your 50th challenge, you’ll receive the Up to the Challenge 2 achievement.

Collection and Location Achievements

Destruction is Key in Just Cause 2

As with most modern open-world games, collection plays a role in Just Cause 2. Unlike many similar titles, however, the items you collect in Just Cause are actually useful. The armor, weapon, and vehicle upgrades you find can be used to upgrade your equipment, and the faction items that you collect will increase your standing with that respective faction.

You’ll earn the Finders Keepers achievement after collecting your first 100 resource items from the field. Keep collecting and you’ll earn the Leaving No Rock Unturned achievement after you collect 1000 resource items.

Gaining favor with the game’s factions has it’s rewards as well, as you can get the Faction Benefactor achievement after you collect 150 faction items (Drug Drops, Skulls, and Black Boxes). For the explorers out there, the Globetrotter achievement is the reward for discovering 100 locations. Discovering a location also unlocks it for fast travel.

If you’re more of a perfectionist, then the Freeroamer 1 and Freeroamer 2 achievements might be more your style. Earn them by reaching 100% completion in 15 and 100 locations, respectively.

Page two has more of the achievements in Just Cause 2, including those earned by killing massive amounts of enemy soldiers and those for doing so in creative ways.

Enemy Kill Achievements

Grappling Hook is Your Most Important Tool

Sure, collecting and exploring is all well and good for the pacifists out there, but some people play video games to let off a little steam, and for these people there are the kill achievements.

Earn the Professional Hitman achievement by finding and assassinating 25 colonels, located in various bases throughout Panau.

Take out 750 total enemy soldiers through various means to earn the Body Count achievement.

For those who like to kill in creative ways, Just Cause 2 rewards you with a number of achievements. Get the Unarmed and Dangerous achievement by killing 50 enemies using only melee attacks. Earn Gravity is a Bitch! after you kill 30 enemies by using the grappling hook to make them fall to their death.

Fans of vehicular manslaughter will enjoy the Follow Me! achievement, awarded for killing 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle using the grappling hook. Get the Hang ‘em High! achievement after you kill 30 enemies while they’re suspended in the air with the grappling hook.

Wrecking Ball goes to those who kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to a vehicle with the grappling hook and Piñata Party is your reward when you kill a total of 5 enemies with the melee attack while they’re suspended from an object by the grappling hook.

If circus-style kills are more your style, the Juggler achievement is awarded when you kill a total 30 enemies while they’re in mid air, usually after you pull them toward you with the grappling hook.

Experience Road Rage after you kill 30 enemies by mowing them down with vehicles and become a Marksman by killing 50 enemies with head shots.

Perhaps the most difficult of the kill achievements are Killing Frenzy, awarded for killing 20 enemies in 60 seconds, and Invincible Warrior, yours when you Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.

Driving Achievements

Hijack Any Vehicle in Just Cause 2

There are a huge number of vehicles available for you to hijack in Just Cause 2, and the following achievements are the reward for those who do so early and often.

Get the Test Driver achievement when you drive a total of 30 different vehicles. Drive all 104 different vehicles in the game to earn the Trying Everything Once achievement.

Go on a Road Trip when you Travel a total of 75 kilometers by land vehicle.

For fans of used cars, the Please Step Out of the Vehicle achievement is awarded after you hijack a total of 50 enemy vehicles.

Completion Achievements

Find yourself Halfway There once you reach 50% completion in normal mode or mercenary mode.

Keep it up and you’ll earn the Perfectionist achievement once you reach 75% completion in normal or mercenary mode.

Check out page three for the game’s daredevil achievements, as well as those earned for completing story missions and finishing the game.

Daredevil Achievements

Base Jump in Just Cause 2

One awesome aspect of Just Cause 2 is the ability to pull of mind-blowing stunts with frightening regularity. The following achievements reward those who like to push it to the limit.

The Parachute Climber is yours when you manage to open your parachute and then land on foot somewhere a minimum of 300 meters above the starting height. For those who tend to head in the opposite direction, the I Believe I Can Fly achievement is your when you base jump 1000 meters in a single attempt.

The vehicles in Just Cause 2 are not limited to those that travel by land. For the aspiring pilots out there the Bridge Limbo achievement is earned when you fly an airplane under 30 unique bridges in Panau. Become a Stunt Flyer when you fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds straight.

Sir Edmund Hillary has nothing on you when you earn the Top of the World by climbing to the the highest point of Panau.

Channel your inner Jeff Gordon to earn the Stunt Driver achievement by earning 100 stunt driver points in a single run.

Game and Story Mission Achievements

Just Cause 2 Parachuting

There are three achievements awarded for completing the game on various difficulties. Earn the Top Agent, Heroic Agent, and Legendary Agent achievements for completing the game on Normal, Heroic, and Legendary difficulties.

Finally, there are seven secret achievements that you can earn by completing the story missions in Just Cause 2.

Earn Welcome to Panau by completing Story Mission 1, Casino Bust after you complete Story Mission 2, The White Tiger for Story Mission 3, Mountain Rescue after Story Mission 4, Three Kings once you complete Story Mission 5, Into the Den once you finish Story Mission 6, and A Just Cause for surviving the game’s final Story Mission.

Some of these achievements can be an absolute blast to learn. They reward you for completing some of the most enjoyable aspects of Just Cause 2, and it shouldn’t surprise you to find yourself going out of your way to get that one extra kill or hijack just one more vehicle to earn them.