Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - A Vintage Year

Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough - A Vintage Year
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This is a pretty good starter mission. Obviously you can shoot your way into the building or ambush the targets, but that doesn’t really need a guide. I’ll help you get in and out with a silent assassin rating.


You can ambush a normal guard pretty easily to gain access to just about everything but the house. The elite guards in the army uniforms can go anywhere. A sleeping guard in the barracks has a VIP guard uniform at the foot of his bed.

The workers can walk just about anywhere that the guards can, but there isn’t much of an advantage to getting that. I guess you can ambush one in the side room off the courtyard and dump his body in the container, but if you’re over there, then you can easily steal the guard’s uniform.

Inventory Suggestions

They won’t check you for weapons on this map so go ahead and bring a pistol. You can also bring a sniper rifle to take out the father fairly easily. You’d have to really work at it to take out the son though, so don’t completely depend on it.


The camera crew in the courtyard can really ruin your day. It’s almost impossible to stealthily get their tape, so you need to watch out for them and avoid the courtyard when possible. You really shouldn’t have to spend much time in there anyway though.

A Vintage Year - Access

In order to do anything at all, you’re going to need a guard’s uniform. Thankfully, that’s very easy to get. As the level loads, there should be a wandering patrol in front of you. Follow him to the right and watch for him to go to the fence. Try to sneak and stay a fair distance behind him. You don’t want to spook him.

Either sedate him or use a pistol and take him as a human shield and knock him out. Take his uniform and then dump the body over the cliff where there isn’t any scaffolding below. He’ll fall to his death and won’t be discovered. We’ve also got a uniform that gives us all the access that we need.

Walk into the courtyard and take a look in the wine cellar.

A Vintage Year - Killing Manuel Delgado

You’ve got two easy options for Manuel Delgado. He mainly walks around the wine cellar, stopping along the way to sample a bit from a line of cocaine on the table. He takes short detours through a secret door in a false vat to the drug processing area. He also occasionally walks up to the courtyard to greet the guests.

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - A Vintage Year - Dropping the Barrels


Remember that line of cocaine. Well, you have a poison syringe. The only trick is that there’s a guard that usually watches that table. He should turn around for a short patrol occasionally, but if you’re short on time you can take him out. It’s actually really easy to get behind him. The only threat is that Delgado might emerge from the drug lab, so you should save before you try this. Sedate him or take him as a human shield and knock him out. You can just dump him into the wine vat right beside his post if you want. The only trick is that there’s another guard across from it who might see you. Just wait for him to turn around for a patrol, or knock him out too and dump him in the closest vat. The couple making out nearby shouldn’t see.

Once the area is clear you can just poison the line of cocaine. He’ll die at some point on his next patrol. His guard will probably find the body, so be ready for a little extra heat. Since he’s an assasination target, it shouldn’t count toward your Silent Assassin rating.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to poison the cocaine. It actually shouldn’t be a huge problem, since his bodyguard sometimes won’t follow him in here. You should be able to stick him and dump him into the bin in back.

Raining Barrels

You can also stage an accident. During his walk around the wine cellar, he should go into a back corner close to the stairs and stand under a pallet of wine barrels. The winch is above. You can slap a bomb on the winch and detonate it to kill him with an accident. This won’t count as a body found.

*Note - The guard at the top of the stairs is a risk with this method. The explosion can kill him if he’s standing by the winch. Either time it so that he’s walking down the steps, or knock him out and toss him over the rail to stage a separate accident and safely take him out. You also might be able to just push him off.

Killing Don Delgado

A Vintage Year - Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - Sniper Spot

The father only goes through a very simple routine. He’ll play cello for a bit and then get up to get a breath of fresh air from the balcony and a drink.You can snipe him or do a stealth kill in the room with him.


This is easy. Remember the first guard we took out? That area to the right of the entrance with the chair and shotgun is a good sniping spot. Drag your rifle case over there and assemble the rifle. Just wait for the Don to step out on the balcony and take him out. Stash the rifle in the case and walk it back to the ICA case. Stash the rifle so that you don’t have to carry it out.

Close Kill

This one takes a bit more work but it’s a little more active and interesting. The guard uniform won’t get us into the actual house. The elite guards will always tell you to leave. So you need to get a bit of a promotion. Walk up to the house itself through the entrance in the courtyard guared by the elite guard. He’ll wave you through. Cut to the right and see if there’s a guard in the chair by the fountain. If he’s there, then you can either wait a bit for him to fall asleep or sedate him and drop him into the fountain.

Climb the drain pipe to get up to the second floor (the door on the first floor is also an option, but you might get spotted. Enter the room and leave through the door that takes you to a side stairway. Walk down and you should wind up right inside a barr

Hitman Blood Money Guide - A Vintage Year - Push Don Delgado Out the Window

acks area with a single bed and a sleeping guard. If you sneak, then he won’t wake up. Put on the VIP guard uniform at the foot of the bed.

Walk upstairs to the main hallway. Each of the doors to the Don is locked, so you’ll need to pick the lock. You can try either the right or the left. Save in case you mess up the timing. Wait for the wandering guard to walk away from the door and wait for the guard on the double door to look away from you. Start picking the lock and walk in quickly. You actually won’t be kicked out of the room if someone spots you, but you still have to be careful with picking the lock.

Walk to the room on the left and sedate the Don while he’s playing. Dump him over the rail to kill him in an accident. If you want, you can also wait for him to get up and go to the balcony. You should be able to follow him out and push him off (hit boxes are a little weird, but you have a backup save). You can also probably sedate him out here and dump him off, since the guard on the couch should be almost fully asleep or not paying attention.


He also takes a drink from a glass of wine next to the balcony and within the view of the guard. You should be able to inject some poison and take him out that way. Not sure why you wouldn’t just do it directly if you made it this far though.

A Vintage Year - Escape

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough - A Vintage Year - Escape

This is actually a really tough escape in a suit. You’ll probably have to just pay the suit retrieval fee and walk away in a guard uniform. It shouldn’t count against your Silent Assassin ranking if you’re playing on Normal. If you feel that you absolutely have to leave in your suit, you will need to walk down the scaffolds on the cliffside. You can get there by walking all the way around the house and finding the ledges past the fence. There’s just a few guards and they’re easy to take out and make it to the dock. It’s still a rough road to walk and it’s probably more risky for a Silent Assassin rating.

If you’re in a guard uniform (or if you’re good at sneaking) then you can get into the elevator in the drug lab (it’s on your map, just “open” the empty keg in the wine cellar and walk through it) and ride it down the to the hanger. You can push the guard in the water if you need to do so. Otherwise just walk past. The elevator will go up again quickly and then ferry down a worker as you enter the hanger. Again, it’s only a problem if you’re not in uniform. Walk slowly past the sleeping guard and jump into the plane to escape in time.