Halo Wars Cheats, Tips, And Tricks for the Xbox 360 - Useful Achievements You Should Know About

Halo Wars Cheats, Tips, And Tricks for the Xbox 360 - Useful Achievements You Should Know About
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Gaining an Edge in Halo Wars

Bungee Entertainment produced the first Halo game. Microsoft and Bungee introduced gamers to the Master Chief. They also introduced gamers to the Flood, the Covenant and the UNSC forces that defended humanity. The FPS games gave the impression that these factions battled it out on a massive scale, although the shooters focused on a few key characters and ignored the larger war.

Halo Wars gives a player to the opportunity to act as a general for one of the factions in the Halo Universe. Consider it the equivalent of Starcraft for the Xbox 360. You cannot type power overwhelming to make your units invincible. You can unlock certain levels or items and procure skulls to give you certain advantages or disadvantages in this real time strategy game.

A Few Useful Achievements in Halo Wars

Players can unlock a few special levels by completing these achievements. There are more achievements than the one listed below, but the list has been abbreviated in the interest of saving space.

To obtain the Drain cleaner achievement, kill 20 enemy squads with a continuous Covenant Leader Power in Memorial Basin.

To obtain the Killjoy achievement, kill 5 active enemy leaders in a single game on Blood River.

UNSC forces do not believe in leaving their soldiers behind. To get the Never Leave a Man Behind achievement end a game with 5,000 resources attributed to teammates on Memorial Basin.

To earn the Tour Coming Through Achievement, hot drop 50 squads to your Covenant Leader in single game in the Barrens.

Halo Wars Skull Locations

halo-wars-20070713052121952 640w

Skulls allow special effects and can be found throughout the storyline locations in Halo Wars. The name of the skull indicates what in-game effects the skull gives to your forces.

  • Boomstick Skull, Mission 12 – Kill 12 spirit transports. Take a hawk to the lower 2 airlocks and take the ramp up to the skull in the air.
  • Bountiful Harvest, Mission 14 – Kill 20 vampires. Head to the second Covenant Base. Find it at the far bottom corner of the map.
  • Cowbell, Mission 10 – Kill 45 Hunter and take a squad of marines back to the ambush site on the second pad.
  • Emperor, Mission 3 – Kill 3 scarabs. Head to the center of the map and find the skull in the center of the Flood forces.
  • Fog, Mission 5 – Kill 5 Wraiths. Take a warthog back to the Main Base. Find a skull past the tracks.
  • Grunt Birthday Party, Mission 2 – Eliminate 20 jackals. Grab another warthog and take it to the south end of the base.
  • Look Daddy, Mission 1 – Kill 1000 Grunts. Take a warthog back to Alpha Base and find the skull at the gates.
  • Pain Train, Mission 13 – Kill 10 Bomber Forms. Find the skull at the beginning of the map by a teleporter.

halo-wars-20080704001751569 640w

  • Rebel Leader, Mission 9 – Kill 20 flood stalks. Find the skull by a downed pelican on the eastern side of your base.
  • Rebel Supporter, Mission 8 – Kill 750 Infection forms and go to the northern edge of the map until you find a cliff. Go to the ridge on the cliff and find the skull there.
  • Rebel Sympathizer, Mission 7 – Kill 10 locusts. Use a warthog to go to the top of the map Search here for the skull
  • Sickness, Mission 6 – Find the skull behind the Hanger base after you kill 50 banshees.
  • Sugar Cookies, Mission 11 – Find the skull at the spirit of fire after you eliminate 100 sentinels.
        • Wuv Woo, Mission 4 – Set up your second base in the streets. Find the skull near a bronze statue after you kill 50 elites.

A Few Useful Halo Wars Tricks

Halo Wars Screenshot

The skulls provide a few ueful in-game effects, but a player may need an extra edge to get through the tough portions of the game. One of the most difficult enemies to beat is the Super Scarab. Start by destroying all the power nodes on the vehicle. Next, Send Sergeant Forge as close as possible to its head. Send a few units that can revive the sergeant along with him. The scarab will focus on killing Forge. Use your other units to destroy the scarab.

Players may face instant defeat in the scarab mission. If the vehicle has nothing to attack, it attacks the base of your gates. Train a few medic units and send a party of marines out to defeat the garrisoned tower near the front of your base. Send the medics and marines into the tower until you can use the Sergeant Forge trick to defeat the Scarab

When you defeat Halo Wars, throw a party and try Dawn of War for the PC.