Halo: Reach ONI Sword Base Walkthrough Part 2: "Get the Hell Off My Lawn!"

Halo: Reach ONI Sword Base Walkthrough Part 2: "Get the Hell Off My Lawn!"
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You’ve secured the courtyard at the ONI Sword Base and picked up a target locator to use on the enemy armor outside. Now comes the hard part. In part two of the ONI Sword Base level, you’ll have to take the fight to the Covenant, reactivating a AA battery and reestablishing contact with the rest of Reach.

The Covenant, however, aren’t too keen on you completing your mission. Expect heavy resistance, including enemy vehicles and more than a few Elites.

“Get the Hell Off My Lawn!”

Part two of the Oni Sword Base mission begins as soon as the exterior doors open. Make sure you pick up the target locator and a fresh DMR before you head outside. The “Armor Lock” armor ability is handy on this mission, as well.

Just outside, a friendly Warthog appears, chased by two Wraith tanks and a squad of Covenant soldiers. You’re too late to save them, unfortunately, but they have done you the favor of luring the two Wraiths close enough to one another to take out with one shot. Wait until they’re pretty close, then use your target locator to call in an artillery strike.

If you don’t get them both on the first shot, it’s not the end of the world. This is why you have two shots. Aim carefully and take out the second Wraith once the locator recharges.

Halo Reach Jackals

Once they’re gone, a Pelican appears with a Warthog for you to use. Pick up a new secondary weapon from one of the dead Covenant here as well, as the locator is useless from this point on.

At this point you’re given a choice: get the nearby AA gun online or try and establish contact with command at Farragut base. You’ll have to both, so the order doesn’t matter much. Go right to the AA gun and left to the old Farragut station.

Airview Base

Halo Reach Vehicle

If you head right first, you’re on your way to the Arview Base and the AA gun reactivation mission. Head up and around the corner to the left, but watch out for a small Covenant squad and a Ghost. You can stop and let your gunner take them out (or shoot them yourself if you’re on the gun) or just keep driving past.

Keep following the road and the AA gun will come into view. Unfortunately, the base is crawling with Covenant. Keep your Warthog moving and take out as many as you can with the chaingun. Your objective is on the roof of the largest building. Inside, you’ll find a rack with DMR ammo and some fresh grenades. Make sure you rearm before you head up the outer staircase.

Depending on the difficulty, one or more Elites guard the roof. Take them out then press the switch that shows up on your HUD to reactivate the gun and stem the tide of Covenant reinforcements. Grab some ammo if you need it and clear the remaining Covenant from the area.

Once the area’s clear. Your objective switches to finding Farragut Outpost. You can take the fresh Warthog that’s delivered if you want backup to ride with you, or take off on a captured Ghost if one remains intact.

Farragut Outpost

Follow the road to the East to get to Farragut Outpost. Deal with any Covenant you run into along the way or just keep driving. Once

Halo Reach DMR

you find the station, your first objective is to find a generator that you can reactivate. A good place to look is the top floor of the building on the South end of the complex, considering that’s where the switch is.

Once the switch is flipped, your objective switches to the array at the top of the Northermost building. Covenant reinforcements appear at the same time, including a Revenant you’ll want to deal with as quickly as possible. The best way to take it out is to hop back in the Warthog and drive circles around the Revenant until your gunner takes it out. It can be extremely difficult to deal with on foot.

A squad of Jackals and Grunts has taken over the building you’ll have to climb, so take them out as you head up. Flip the switch, and clear the remaining hostiles from the area. A Pelican appears to drop off a fresh Warthog, in case you lost yours, and it’s time to head back to base.

Congrats, you’ve reached Rally Point Beta of the Halo: Reach ONI Sword Base mission.

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