Halo: Reach "ONI Sword Base" Mission Walkthrough and Guide: Part 1

Halo: Reach "ONI Sword Base" Mission Walkthrough and Guide: Part 1
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The second mission for Noble Team in Halo: Reach takes place at the Office of Naval Intelligence’s “Sword Base.” You and the team arrive by chopper and your task is to help USNC forces fend off the attack currently bombarding the base.

Secure the base and get rid of that Corvette. Nothing a Spartan team can’t handle.

“The Best Defense…”

The LZ is very hot as you and your team arrive in Falcon helicopters. Your first mission is to secure the courtyard by banishing any and all Covenant infantry in the area. You and Kat are dropped off first, and the attack starts almost immediately.

You start out the mission packing a DMR, and you’ll have an immediate chance to put it to good use. Covenant forces are advancing from the North end of the courtyard, so zoom in and try to get in a few headshots as they come into sight atop the nearby ramp.

Once you’ve taken out all the baddies you can see from the bottom, head up the ramp. The narrower ramps to either side provide the best cover as you advance. Watch out for an Elite here, as well.

Once you’re into the main courtyard, you’ll need to clear out a series of Jackals, Grunts, and the occasional Elite while Phantoms continually appear and drop off Covenant reinforcements. More of the same here, with the occasional Elite mixed in with the lower-level troops. Use your DMR to get headshots and shoot around the Jackals’ shields from cover. A sniper rifle sitting at the NW corner of the courtyard on the elevated walkway can help with this.

Once the initial courtyard is clear. You’ll have a brief moment to reload and rearm before the next part of the assault.

“More Tangos”

Halo Reach Noble Team

The next part of the level takes you down a ramp to the right. A few Jackals stand between you and the outer doors of the base. Move up and take them out, then head down to the green “Ordinance” maker on your HUD.

Once the courtyard is clear, Kat will report as much and you’ll be briefed on the next part of the mission. The “Ordinance” marker leads you to a target locator, which you’ll need to pick up so you can direct USNC artillery in the next part of the mission. You’ll also have chance to pick up the “Armor Lock” armor ability and get some ammo for your DMR, along with some health, before the doors open.

Next up, a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style mission to secure the base’s exterior, along with a little driving. For now, though, you’ve made it to Rally Point Alpha and completed the first portion of the Halo: Reach “ONI Sword Base” mission.