Halo Reach "Winter Contingency" Level Walkthrough Part 3: Visegrad Relay Outpost

Halo Reach "Winter Contingency" Level Walkthrough Part 3: Visegrad Relay Outpost
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The final portion of the Halo: Reach “Winter Contingency” level takes place at the Visegrad Relay Outpost. You and the rest of Noble Team will have to hold off Covenant forces as Kat attempts to cut her way through the door, then make your way deep into the outpost to deal with some entrenched Covenant forces.

Visegrad Relay Outpost

After a lengthy Falcon ride, you and the rest of Noble team will jump out of the chopper in the Covenant-filled courtyard of the relay outpost. Your first task is dealing with the Covenant who are attacking Kat at the door. A team of Grunts and Jackals with energy shields are your first targets. Get the drop on them from behind and take them out quickly, then reload and get ready for some incoming.

Kat is still working on the door as another Covenant dropship appears. Deal with the Elite and Grunt squad that it drops and stay on your toes, another dropship is right on its heels.

If you get in trouble during the fight, retreat into the complex where Kat is working. There’s a health pack inside and you can take cover long enough for your shields to recharge if need be. The other members of Noble Team will help you out here, as well, so don’t think you need to take all the enemy out on your own.

Watch out for Jackals on the ledge above and to the right of the door. When Kat radios that she’s finished with the lock, head inside and take cover. The door to the outpost will slowly close and you’ll be able to move on.

Skeleton Crew

Halo Reach Noble Team

Once the outer door closes, the inner door will open and you can move deeper into the outpost. Turn on your night vision by pressing left on the d-pad as you move into the darkened interior.

A waypoint appears on a dead body in the control room. A short cinematic reveals what happened to the techs at the outpost, and Jorge finds a survivor. Before she can be questioned, though, a squad of Elites attacks. You and Jorge follow them into the bowels of the outpost.

A rack of DMRs is just inside the entrance. Grab one, you’ll need the long-range firing capability.

Just inside the door, a squad of Covenant rounds the corner and attacks. Pick off the Grunts from afar and engage the Elite. Once they’re down, enter the narrow passageway to the right and take on a few more Grunts and Jackals. Head around the corner and down the short ramp into a large open room. Jorge will cover you from here while you follow the walkway around to the right and draw out the Covenant.

Take out as many Grunts as you can before you charge around the corner, as a pair of Elites will rush you as soon as you do. One uses an Energy Sword, so you’ll want to keep him at a distance as you fire. Retreat when necessary, as he’ll take you down in one hit if you let him get too close. A second Elite follows, this one wielding a Concussion Rifle.

There’s a Drop Shield, shotgun, and a health pack on the very bottom level (jump over the rail where Jorge hangs out) that can make this fight a little easier for you.

Once all enemies are eliminated, a new waypoint appears. Kat needs you to reset a junction. Find it, press “X,” and the mission is complete.