Halo: Reach "Winter Contingency" level Walkthrough, Part 2: Rebels Don't Leave Plasma Burns

Halo: Reach "Winter Contingency" level Walkthrough, Part 2: Rebels Don't Leave Plasma Burns
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Noble Team’s mission to investigate a malfunctioning relay station continues with part two of the Winter Contingency level, “Rebels Don’t Leave Plasma Burns…” Hop into the waiting truck and wait for Jorge to take up a position in the bed (or don’t, if you’re working on the achievement for walking the whole level).

Your objective is to recon the Easy valley while Kat and Emile infiltrate the relay outpost. The Covenant have landed on reach, and it’s up to you and the rest of your team to get the word out.

“Coming Along for the Ride”

Your destination vehicle shows up as a waypoint marker on your map as you begin the second portion of the level. Hop into the driver’s seat (or the passenger, if you prefer to let Carter drive) and head down the hill. Make sure you wait for Jorge to take up position in the back of the truck so he can cover you with his chaingun.

As you round the first corner to the left, you’ll startle up a flock of ostrich-like moa. Take them out if you’re working on the achievement, and be ready to deal with a pair of Jackals that appear just after them.

As you continue across the bridge, a structure appears on the right. Emile will radio that he’s detected heat signatures inside, and you’ll have to deal with another Covenant squad. You can stay in the truck and try to deal with them, or dismount and clear the structure on foot.

There are multiple approaches to the complex, and you can drive straight through if you prefer to make strafing runs on the enemy. You’ll know the squad has been eliminated when Carter gives you the all clear.

“More Activity to the East”

Halo Reach Jackals

Once you’re back in the truck, Emile again radios that he’s spotted some movement to the East. Head in that direction and you’ll find another structure crawling with Covenant. Take out the Elite and his Grunt cronies, then listen to a distress signal from the trooper squadron you’ve been searching for.

The trooper squad is pinned down to the Northeast. Hop back in your rig and go bail them out. They’re at the bottom of the hill near a wrecked Warthog. Covenant dropships are nearby, bringing more enemy troops than they can handle. You’ll have to charge in and take care of business.

You can stay in the truck and make strafing runs, mowing down Covenant forces while Jorge and Carter take the brunt of the attack, or you can dismount and join them in a firefight on the ground. The Covenant dropships will bring several waves of troops, starting with Grunts and eventually progressing to Elites.

Whichever tactic you choose, avoid the main cannon on the dropship, as it will make quick work of both your shield and health. A DMR can be found on the ground near the structure where the troopers have taken cover, if you need a weapon upgrade.

Once you’ve taken out the squads, a trooper will call out “all clear” and your falcon transports will arrive for evac. Hop on the bird and head to the final portion of the mission.

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