Halo: Reach "Winter Contingency" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Halo: Reach "Winter Contingency" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Halo: Reach Walkthrough

Technically, the first level of Halo: Reach is “Noble Actual,” but, as that level is comprised entirely of cinematics, our walkthrough begins with the first portion of the “Winter Contingency” level.

Investigate the Distress Beacon

Your mission is to investigate a disturbance at a remote relay outpost. On the way in, all communications are lost. As your team lands, your first task is to check out a nearby distress beacon. Take this chance to look around and confirm your controller settings.

The pilot lands on the bluff below, and you and the rest of Noble Team jump out of the transport. Press the “X” button when prompted to do so.

The distress beacon is just to the south, near a flaming Warthog that’s easy to spot from a distance. Emile locates the beacon, but there are no troopers to be found.

Investigate Local Structures

Halo Reach Walkthrough Noble Team

Kat spots some smoke at the nearby structure. You’ll need to circle around the right side near the giant silo to gain entry. A couple of ostrich-like Moa appear as you do so. Leave them be or shoot if you’re working on the achievement for killing them.

Around the corner and down some stairs to the left you’ll enter the building. Move through the house and meet up with Jorge, who discovers some farmers. He questions them, but they don’t know who has attacked them.

A radio message sends you to the structure just to the East. Get ready for your first taste of combat.

FIrefight With the Covenant

Covenant Dropship Inbound

Follow the waypoint to the next building. Make your way through and be prepared to take on some Covenant forces in the courtyard.

Jackals and Grunts flood the area. Use your magnum to quickly kill them with headshots, or take them out with short bursts from the assault rifle. Stick with your squad mates here, as running out into the courtyard is a good way to die quickly.

Once the initial wave has been dealt with, Jun will call out several enemy dropships on the way in. You’re not out of the woods yet.

Covenant reinforcements arrive on the other side of the small bridge. Don’t get too close until the dropships leave, as their cannons will make short work of you. Take out as many of the enemy troops as you can from a distance. Thinning out the grunts and jackals can make the fight a lot easier.

Elite Opposition

Once the first wave of Covenant is defeated, Carter will order you to stand down. Jorge spots several more dropships on the other side of a small stream. Cross, and get ready to take on a group of Elites.

Try and take care of the Grunts running around first, then concentrate on the Elites. Stick with your squad and concentrate your fire on their targets. This way you’ll drop the Elites’ shields as quickly as possible and can finish them off. Do not be afraid to retreat and regenerate your shields here. You’ll die quickly if you charge in without them.

Once the Elites are down, you’ll hop down a small cliff and receive a new objective. It’s time to do a little recon.

Part two of this Halo; Reach mission, “Rebels Don’t Leave Plasma Burns,” picks up from this point.