Halo Reach Assassination Guide

Halo Reach Assassination Guide
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Assassination 101

Move over headshots, humiliation has a new weapon of choice in Halo Reach. In Reach, players can perform animations depicting their annihilation of their opponents at the risk of a few seconds exposure via assassinations by holding down the melee button when presented with the victim’s back. There are many different assassination animations, decided by factors such as the specie of both victim and assassin, the location of both parties and the specific area the assassin targets. This Halo Reach assassinations guide will list the different types of multiplayer assassinations and how they are performed.

Superior Spartans

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When pitting Spartan against Spartan you can expect to see a lot of knife usage and hear bones snapping. All assassinations are divided into three categories: Grounded (both players on the ground), Airborne (both players in the air) and Mix ‘N Match (an airborne assassin and grounded target).

Grounded: The following animations require that assassination and target be on the same surface. Different animations can be achieved by targeting different areas of the back when holding the melee button.

  • If assassin has an energy sword, they will slash the target across the back, before following with a cut to the chest. The assassin then brings the target to the ground and kills them by plunging the sword into their stomach.

  • Assassin stabs target in the spine and removes the knife in a horizontal slashing motion.

  • Assassin draws knife while target is turning around before stabbing them in the stomach.

  • Assassin shoves target, bares knife and plunges it into target’s spine. Assassin then removes knife and tosses the body aside.

  • Assassin shoves target before planting the knife in target’s helmet.

  • Assassin seizes target and bends them backwards in the same motion as the assassin stabs the target in the stomach.

  • Assassin spins target after a quick shove and stabs target in the shoulder, then proceeds to rip the knife free from the target as target is thrown to the floor.

Airborne: The following animation requires assassin to be falling, jump or flying near an also airborne target.

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  • Assassin follows a knee to target’s groin with a pounding both fists together on target’s head.

Mix ‘N Match: This animation requires the assassin to be falling, jumping or flying near the back of a target on the ground.

  • Assassin lands on target’s back, killing target instantly from a broken neck.

Spartans vs Elites

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Crimes against fellow man are one thing, putting your enemy to the blade is quite another. Below are the methods by which a Spartan assassin can bring down an Elite target.


  • If assassin has an energy sword, Spartan takes a running jump onto target’s back and runs the sword through the Elite’s heart.
  • Assassin leaps onto Elite and stabs target in the skull.
  • Assassin shoves the target before jumping on the Elite and pulling back on its head until a snapping sound is heard.
  • Assassin stabs target’s neck after jumping on targets back.
  • Assassin slams target to ground and plants a knife in target’s face.
  • Assassin slices target’s knee, stabs it in the skull and holds the knife in while slamming the body to the ground.

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  • Assassin slams target to the ground and plants both feet on target’s skull.

Mix ‘N Match:

  • If assassin has an energy sword, Spartan grabs target and rams sword into its stomach.
  • Assassin seizes target and stabs Elite in the neck.

Elites Eternal

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Elite on Elite Assassinations often involve their previously unseen energy daggers and viciously efficient animations. The following is a list of the Elite vs. Elite violence possible in multiplayer:


  • If assassin has an energy sword, they spin the target around before slashing them brutally with the sword.
  • Assassin shoves target before running energy dagger through the target’s back and tossing the corpse to the side.
  • Assassin punches target in the head with activated energy dagger and slams target around before tossing it aside.
  • Assassin brings target to its knees and stabs target in the throat.
  • Assassin grabs and bends target over backwards before sinking the dagger into target’s chest.


  • If assassin has a sword, they use it to stab target in the spine.
  • Assassin plunges dagger into target’s spine.

Mix ‘N Match:

  • Assassin uses two daggers to stab target in the throat and body before tossing the body behind.
  • Assassin knocks down target with a kick and jams a dagger into the target’s mouth.

Elite vs Spartan

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Elites practice no mercy in eradicating the “demons” who challenge them. Below is a list of the ways the Covenant deal out damage to the human foe.


  • If the assassin has an energy sword, the Elite grabs the target by the arm and lifts the Spartan off the ground with a vicious stab before slamming the target back to the ground.
  • Assassin shoves target before stabbing the Spartan twice and slashing target’s neck.
  • Assassin brings target down, before stabbing the target and using its foot to free the blade from the Spartan.
  • Assassin performs a spinning kick on the target after a quick slash.
  • Assassin brings target to its knees before using both daggers to stab the Spartan in the neck.
  • Assassin brings targets to its knees before plunging a dagger into the Spartan’s helmet.


  • If the assassin has an energy sword, they knee the target before stabbing the Spartan and throwing the target away.
  • Assassin stabs target with a dagger after kneeing the Spartan and throwing the target away.

Mix ‘N Match:

  • Assassin brings down target, steps on target and stabs the Spartan through the helmet.