Halo 3 Weapon Cheat Combos

Halo 3 Weapon Cheat Combos
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Introduction to Halo 3 Weapon Cheat Combos

There are a number of button combos in Halo 3 that can help you in your battles against the Covenant or online opposition. Many require fine timing and plenty of practise and so exist on the border between cheats or glitches and highly skilled play. The following Halo 3 weapon cheat combos should help you emerge victorious from even the most intense firefight.

Halo 3 Battle Rifle Weapon Cheats


Easy Battle Rifle Kill

  • Fire three quick bursts into an opponents body.
  • Quickly aim off a headshot and they should go down easily.

Double Burst

  • Press Right Trigger twice extremely rapidly.
  • Keep your opponent in your crosshair continually.
  • If your fingers are quick enough you will fire off a burst of six bullets instead of the standard three.

Beat Down + Head Shot

  • You must hav a full clip of ammo.
  • Rush up to your opponent and press B to initiate a beat down.
  • The instant you connect press X to cancel the move.
  • Press Right Trigger and attempt a headshot.
  • Performed correctly this will result in an instant kill.

Double Weapon Shot

  • You must have the battle rifle and a secondary weapon equipped.
  • Fire three bursts in quick succession with the Right Trigger.
  • Fire one more burst and simultaneously press Y.
  • Both the battle rifle and your secondary weapon will fire together.

Halo 3 Energy Sword Weapon Cheats

Go Flying

  • Equip the energy sword.
  • Aim at an enemy.
  • Press Right Trigger and Y simultaneously.
  • You will cancel out of the lunge and go flying beyond your opponent.

Win an Energy Sword Duel

  • Lunge at your opponent by pressing Right Trigger.
  • Instantly press B to block their lunge back at you.
  • Press Right Trigger again to leave them stunned and at your mercy.

Bonus Grenades

  • As soon as you frag a multiplayer opponent, attack them with the energy sword.
  • Extra grenades will spill out of their body.

Other Halo 3 Weapon Cheats

Halo 3 Multiplayer

Rocket Baseball

  • For this you will need a Halo 3 rocket launcher and a teammate equipped with the gravity hammer.
  • Fire at a spot close to your teammate’s hammer.
  • If they swing at the correct time they will deflect the rocket off across the map.

Shoot From Your Back

  • This cheat requires very fast fingers.
  • Fire two burst very quickly with the Right Trigger.
  • Immediately press Y after the second burst.
  • Your character will appear to be firing from their back - great for Forge movies.

Equipment Jump

  • Run and then jump.
  • At the highest point of your jump, throw a piece of equipment out.
  • Instantly press jump again.
  • You should be able to perform another jump of your own piece of equipment.


Mastering these Halo 3 weapon cheat combos will ensure you top the Bungie leaderboards in no time at all. Take your time in System Link or Friends matches to practise the button combinations until they become second nature, then take them online and dominate the battlefield in Halo 3 multiplayer.