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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7: Highway 17 - A Series of Ambushes

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

You'll basically just be going from one ambush to the next for now. That's not too bad, since they are all so predictable. I have the advice to get you through it. Just look inside to get all the information you need until the railroad bridge.

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    First Town

    After the loading screen, you just need to drive down the coastal road. There is a rollermine ahead. When it latches onto your car, jump out and pull it off with the gravity gun. Then shoot it into the water. Go forward slowly and push through the two cars blocking the road. There are another two rollermines ahead. Knock them into the sea. Then move carefully over the little ramp. Move toward the town. Three more rollermines pop up. Take care of them.

    The Combine set off a big explosion and knock a power line down in your path. Just stop your car and get out with the shotgun in hand. Three men will start moving toward you from the big house. Just blow them away. Then go inside the house. Three more combine are inside and upstairs. They will probably run down when you enter. Just use the shotgun or the AR2 to take them out. Get all the health and energy from the health, and then look out the window on the second floor. You should be in a good position to kill the three men on the other side of the house. One more usually manages to rush inside the house. Kill him on your way out. Then go back to your car and drive through the now safe town.

    There's one last blockade ahead. A truck flow of explosive barrels is blocking the road and three combine are hiding by the ramp next to it. Just blow up one of the barrels to start a chain explosion that will knock the truck off the road. Then wipe out the three survivors. Two supply crates are tucked away behind the ramp, so stop the car once you drive over to grab some extra ammo. Then just move forward until you reach the second town.

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    Second Town

    Stop right before the gas tanker and go up to the hilltop to grab the crossbow with some bolts. Look out to the billboard. Aim at the middle of the atom to account for the bolt's drop and snipe the soldier up there. This makes everyone rush to the house. You might be able to snipe another one of the soldiers if you want.

    Then go down the hill and clear a path with your gravity gun. Then drive as far into town as you can before the force field stops you. Get out with your shotgun in hand and start walking toward that house the soldiers run toward. All seven will rush out. Just use the buildings for cover and kill them as quickly as you can.

    That force field is powered by the armored car. Use your gravity gun to knock it into the sea to kill the power. Walk back out and get into your car. Drive through the tunnel past the town to get another loading screen.

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    Third Town

    You should be able to see a dropship in the town ahead. That's a bad sign. Drive toward and get to the little house. The lookout will run out. Just kill him and take cover in the house. That dropship will fire at you with its machine gun. Hide for a second until it passes. Then drive into town and get out of your car. Try to clear the house on the right with your shotgun before the ambush starts. After you get a little into town, the other four will run out. Use the AR2 or the magnum to kill them.

    You need to go along the railroad bridge, but it's blocked for now. So look for the house nearest to the bridge. Go inside and drop through the hole in the floorboards. Kill the poison headcrab carrier and open the green door. Grab the supplies off of the table and head for the bridge.

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - Highway 17

This walkthrough covers all of the driving and fighting that takes place as you fight your way down Highway 17 on your way to Nova Prospekt. If you are having trouble killing any of the gunships or the Combine, then just look inside for a little help.
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