Half-Life 2 Walkthru - Starting at the Beginning

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Well, you heard the G-man. Wake up and smell the ashes. This first level actually has no fighting and is mainly just used to build up the story and setting. Still, there are a few parts that might be confusing for a new player. Most of it will just require a sense of direction and movement skills. Regardless, I do suggest that you take the opportunity to soak up the game’s atmosphere. There are a lot of things going on in the background and you’re not in much danger until the final part of the level. Feel free to try and talk with anyone. Just walk up to them and press the “E” key.

Key Objectives

Your key objective for this chapter is to reach Dr Kleiner’s lab that’s hidden within City 17. You don’t exactly have a map though and you’re left to run blind for the first part. Your main objective will basically complete itself once Alyx finds you. There are a number of mini-objectives to be completed though. The titles are linked to the relevant walkthru section.

Get Away from the Train Station

Just follow a series of steps until you get out of the train station. If you are able to move and wait, you’ll be just fine. Details are in the link if you get stuck.

Navigate the Streets

You just need to start moving up the street and down the alley. Full directions are inside.

Avoid the Raids

Trouble is on your heels and you’re in the middle of a raid. You’ll just need to run through the apartment building to get away from the Civil Protection officers. I’ve got the direction in the linked section if you need them. You’ll be heading to the rooftop for a bit of a chase, so keep that in mind.

Follow Alyx

Just follow Alyx to the lab.


Barney – It seems that your old friend from Black Mesa is keeping the resistance alive.

Alyx – More of a guide for this level, since you won’t get to talk much just yet.

Civilians – Just walking around as background for the most part. The civilians in the building will help cover your escape to the best of their ability.


Civil Protection – Just Civil Protection soldiers for now, and only a few of them are even armed with anything more than stun batons.

Basic Tips

  • This is just an exploration chapter, so have fun and take in the world.
  • Don’t worry too much about your health, it’s basically impossible to die as long as you don’t fall off the roofs at the end.
  • Just do your best to follow the linear paths. You aren’t under fire for most of the beginning so it’s not a big deal if you get lost.

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