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Guild Wars Henchmen Skill Bar Contest

by: Bree E. Underwood ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Would you like to be a part of creating a new henchman for Guild Wars? The makers of Guild Wars are removing heroes and want their dedicated players to help create the henchman that will take their place by having gamers submit characters with skills that are truly worthy.

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    Guild Wars Immortality

    Would you like to immortalize your Guild Wars character and place your stamp on one the coolest MMORPG's out there? Guild Wars is offering a contest which allows their dedicated players to enter in and really feel involved in the game creation process. By helping to create a new henchman you can show off your skills and creativity while securing yourself a spot in Tyria's history? Here's how you do it!

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    Guild Wars

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    Entering The Contest

    The Guild Wars Henchman Skill Bar Contest came about due to popular demand by fellow gamers who wanted heroes removed when playing Guild vs. Guild and Heroes Ascent so that all players can enjoy both formats without the need to play with other players in a full party. You will be able to chose from a selection of new henchmen, and you can help to create one of them! The makers at ArenaNet/NCSoft listened to gamers wishes and worked out an agreement with the Zaishen Order! Before you are ready to start on your quest to the Great Temple of Balthazar on the Battle Isles (which is the only way to enter in the contest), take the time to consider which character you'd like to immortalize and the skills they have attained that you think would be worthy of a powerful, new henchman- skills that will have all the Charr shuddering. Once you have made your decision, equip your character with the chosen skills and head over to the Great Temple of Balthazar to speak with Dizhou (Zunlai Pollster). You will need to tell Dizhou if you'd like to submit your skill bar to Heroes' Ascent or to the Guild vs. Guild format. Make your selection, submit it to Dizhou and your skill bar submission will then show up in your account file.

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    Additional Contest Submission and Reward Info

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    You are allowed to submit up to three skill bars for the different formats in your Guild Wars account. Just follow the above directions to submit your skill bar in a different format. This really is a fantastic way for hardcore Guild players to become an even bigger part of the game, but the competition for players to make their mark is fierce, so choose your skill bar wisely. Twenty players have the chance to win the battle for henchman glory, but there are also a couple of additional sweet rewards that will be given to the chosen ones. For one thing, a new henchman will be named after your character (or a name you deem the most fitting for the new henchman). Secondly, you will receive an Everlasting Henchman Tonic that temporarily allows you to turn into the image of the new henchman you helped to create. The Guild Wars Henchman Skill Bar Contest will run until 12 noon PDT on Sunday, September 10th, 2009. Winners will be announced on the official Guild Wars website on September 24th, 2009. To view the full contest rules and regulations visit the events page on the Guild Wars website.

    UPDATE: The results of the Guild Wars Henchman Skill Bar Contest will not be released until October 1, 2009 due to the abundance of player entries. Over 30,000 people made submissions! Check back in- the results will be posted here!