Play Golf Online - Free Golf Games for PC

Play Golf Online - Free Golf Games for PC
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The World of Free Gaming - Free Gold Games for: PC

Nowadays you can find and enjoy plenty of PC games offered on the internet and many of those online games are free of charge. Very exciting, is not it? There also lots of computer games that are the same or even better quality than the ones offered from the most advanced game consoles like Wii, Playstation, X-cube etc. Along with the popular games like action, adventure, live simulation, role-playing, strategy etc. there are also many sports games available online - particularly some great free golf games for PC.

One of the most popular individual sports game is the game of golf. Golf is growing in popularity not only in the real world, but as a PC game as well. Many websites offer these days free golf games for PC and everyone who loves playing or watching this beautiful game of skill can now enjoy playing it online.

Websites like,,,,, and others are offering many variations of golf courses, controls (like checking the wind speed and direction, choosing club, using aerial view to direct the shot, controlling the swing, controlling the hook and slice), and most importantly some of them are also offering 3D experience of the game. The 3D games are so realistic as if you are playing the real game in a real golf course.

Golf Online - It’s FREE

Free golf games for PC played online are great way to relax from a hard day’s work and enjoy the same game’s experience just as those who own them expensive games consoles with one significant difference – you are playing free of charge. Even though it’s an individual sport, you can still play and compete with other players, so in this sense it can be a multi-player game too.

World Golf Tour

Probably one of the best and most exciting websites for free golf games for PC is the World Golf Tour. The website offers amazing 3D golf courses like Bethpage Black, Bali Hai, Edgewood Tahoe, Kaiwah Island and Wolf Creek. The mechanics of the play are quite straightforward, but they are not built for the mere golf fan because of the difficulty of each course. It’s easy to play, you can exit the browser window at any time and resume the game later on or start a new game. You can join your friends easily even though simultaneous play is not possible.

World Golf Tour

And There is More!

The social interactions gives you the chance to see other’s overall ratings, blog posts, photos, friends lists etc. For a browser-based game free to play, World Golf Tour is a great game and just like Tiger Woods Online is fully comparable to the most advanced and expensive game consoles. Moreover, the ordinary PC user can enjoy all this for free. Amazing stuff!