Facebook Game Reviews: EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge

Facebook Game Reviews: EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge
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EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge Basics (3 out of 5)

With EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge, you can play golf against your friends or on your own. You’ll earn more money by competing against your friends in a series of challenges that take place on a series of golf holes and courses. For example, for golf on Tuesday you’ll complete holes 7, 8, and nine from TCP Sawgrass. With game coins or game cash, you can play a whole round of golf through the course play feature. As you, level up you’ll unlock more courses to play. PGA Tour season and the challenge friends features will be opened up soon in the game. Players can also train their golfers through a series of skills.

Playing Golf (3 out of 5)

This golf game is a stripped down version of golf. You can only hit the ball and there’s no real advanced swing meter. You an also adjust where the ball will land on the course. As you train your golfer with the trainer feature, you’ll get better at playing the game. You must continue to train and earn performance points. If your points bar falls too low you won’t play as well as you will with a full bar. You can train power, accuracy, spin, aid, and putting abilities with the trainer feature. Some training will take longer periods to complete. Be sure to check back with the game before your points expire. The my golfer feature will give you the types of shots you have made, your current experience, challenges completed, rounds completed, ad other statistics such as longest drive made. One annoying feature about playing gold is it uses an energy system like many other Facebook games you can only make so many “shots” before you need to buy more shots or wait for them to replenish. This feature should have been left out since it’s annoying when you’re trying to learn the game to have to wait for shots to replenish.

Pro Shop (3 out of 5)

EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge

The game has a pro shop where you can buy better clubs, golf balls and outfit your golfer in new clothes. The clothing options are just cosmetic but the gear will help to improve your overall play in the game. For example, drivers will improve your power and aim. The downside to pro gear is it expires after so many rounds so you’ll need to keep replacing it to maintain your edge. Most of the equipment is quite expensive so not many beginners will be using it anytime soon.

Overall Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

EA Sports PGA Golf Challenge looks quite good for a Facebook game and it has potential to be a decent game. The need to replenish shots is a bit of a let down and the other features such as season play will make this game much better in the long run. This is a game worth playing if you only have a few minutes for a golf game and don’t want to fuss with the console or online version of this golf franchise.