Wii Gamers Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review

Wii Gamers Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review
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Wii MotionPlus works great

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is better this year

The Best Parts (4 out of 5)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 improves on last year’s experience in small ways that actually make playing this game more engaging and satisfying than last year’s edition. They made useful and satisfying tweaks to both the off line and on line modes in an effort to bring the experience of the PGA tour to the Wii.

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour series is really about their innovative swing mechanic, which in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 introduces the Wii MotionPlus accessory. A device that sensed the subtle twist in my grip to determine whether I was drawing or fading the golf ball and the angle of my putter to the ball in relation to the timing and force of my stroke. The system helped to make it feel a lot more like a real golf swing.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 introduces real-life elements that include Tiger talking about key events in his career, the U.S. Open, six new courses, and scenes featuring images of real-life pros in some of golf’s most memorable moments. All these new elements are subtle and combine to immerse you in the real PGA. The high production values do a good job of putting you right in the moment.

The Bad Parts (4 out of 5)

Slow and steady seems the course that EA Tiburon has decided to take with the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 series. They have somehow managed to improve the game without really fixing any of the problems that made the first game less than perfect.

The Graphical Look (4 out of 5)

A funny thing happened while I was playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 the other day, it started to rain, which turned the golf course all dark and grey. The rain effects looked great, maybe a little too grey, but then it’s supposed to be a rainy day. Other than that, the graphical presentation of this year’s game looks the same as last year. Still, this year’s look has a bright, colorful presentation with great textures and nice details, and some of the best looking pros in the business.

The golf animations are all smooth, clean, and stutter free as always, and the new real-life scenes really improve the ability of the game to put you in the moment.

Sounds in the Game (4 out of 5)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 has brought back the same announcing team from last years game. They still sound great, provide you with useful comments, and occasionally make you laugh. The subtle sound effect of hitting it pure is still here, the crowds still fill you with energy and thrill you, but this time you’ll be reliving scenarios involving recent tournaments.

Playability (4 out of 5)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 improves the playability of the series during the on line mode more than the off line experience, but both off line and on line play have been improved noticeably. The Wii MotionPlus allows you to dial down your swing to one percent of your full swing, if you have the touch and feel. You can play without the new accessory and even use the old putting system, if you prefer, but the new system works much better.

The other improvement in playability deals with their desire to immerse you in the PGA tournament experience. There are cheering spectators on the side lines and you can keep track of your opponents progress as you play. They have replaced the Tiger Challenge mode with the Tour Challenge mode in this game. In this mode you’ll be treated to video introductions by the best player in the world.

The Last Word (4 out of 5)

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Wii experience gives you better control of your golf game and immerses you with real life moments from the current PGA tour. A solid entry in the series and one that subtly improves the fun and entertainment enough to be recommended for all types of gamers, both casual and veteran golfers, alike.