Wii Goldeneye Review - Play as 007 on your Wii Console

Wii Goldeneye Review - Play as 007 on your Wii Console
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Wii Goldeneye 007 Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Wii Goldeneye 007 is a completely new game based upon the movie of the same name. Goldeneye has a nod or two to the original Nintendo 64 game. Daniel Craig is Bond now and you’ll use twenty five different weapons as you complete levels. Bond also has a smart phone which is used at several points in the game to take picture or scan things. Your character can carry up to three weapons but always carries the trusty pistol with the silencer. Higher difficulty levels introduces new objectives not just more enemies making your game play experience longer and more challenging. Players can go eight player multiplayer or four for the split-screen version. This review will focus on the single player portion of Goldeneye 007.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

Goldeneye 007 Wii

When you first begin Goldeneye 007 you’ll do a short tutorial to learn the basics of the game such as shooting and sneaking up on enemies. From there you’ll head straight to the dam level and into the action. The Wii has never been known for great shooters but after playing Goldeneye 007 you’ll probably change your mind. This game is perhaps one of the better shooters you’ll experience on the Wii and one game that all Wii players should at least try out. The game supports multiple controllers but it’s actually quite easy to play using the Nunchuck and remote. The remote is responsive but can get a bit frustrating at times with the number of shots it can take to put an enemy down. You can go in guns blazing and pick up any number of assault rifles that drop from enemies but it’s the stealth that makes the game shine. It’s fun to sneak up on an enemies and either use a melee hit or pop a few silenced shots. You can blaze away in one area and then as you move into the next one, go stealthy. Cameras are scattered throughout levels and taking them out can keep you hidden longer. Sometimes it’s difficult not to be seen but if you can pull it off it’s a great feeling. The game features six large missions with multiple levels between each one. For the most part the A.I. in Goldeneye 07 is decent. Enemies will run, dive, take cover or try and rush your position. The game map is easy to follow and checkpoints are frequent in the game.

Graphics/Sound (4 out of 5)

Goldeneye 007 has good graphics for a Wii game. Most people try and compare the Wii to the other consoles but you can’t compare the Wiis graphics to them because it will fail every time. I found the graphics in Goldeneye to get the job done for a game such as this and I never paid them much attention because it’s the game play that really matters. For players used to the other consoles they’ll find the graphics in Goldeneye to be disappointing but for Wii owners they aren’t too bad. You’ll get weather effects and different lighting. The sound is quite good with weapons sounding distinct from each other and a nice soundtrack is present too.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Goldeneye 007 is a great game for the Wii console and well worth playing. The graphics are decent and the levels are large enough to keep you entertained. As you raise ether difficulty you’ll get more objectives to do so there’s some replay value too. The game might not be able to complete with similar titles on the other consoles but for a Wii game it’s a whole lot of fun.