God of War 2 Walkthrough for PS2 - Facing the First Colossus Boss Battles, Pressure Doors, Archers and Other Tidbits

God of War 2 Walkthrough for PS2 - Facing the First Colossus Boss Battles,  Pressure Doors, Archers and Other Tidbits
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God of War 2 Walkthrough for PS2 – Facing the Colossus

Kratos was made into a God, but memories of his past have not been erased. He seeks vengeance and raises havoc on Rome with his Spartan army. The gods are displeased with him and warn him that if he continues on this path, they will no longer help him. Kratos does not take this seriously, and as a result he is turned into a mortal. This is where the game begins.

After Kratos becomes mortal, he shrinks in size and ends up in a Roman castle. You will begin by encountering a few soldiers. Kill them all and exit the room through a gated door by using the R1 button and pressing the O button several times. Consistent with the original God of War game, the game controls are the same. Enemies will also emit red orbs when killed (which can be used later for upgrades). Depending on the level of difficulty you are playing, there is a tutorial/hint feature that will assist you in learning how to do certain actions. This is optional and can be shut off.

Anyway, after exiting this room you will encounter a Colossus. He will try to attack you. Initially you will just avoid his attacks and move away from him. After a while you will have your first mini-boss battle with him. There are two platforms. On the first platform there are soldiers that will attack you repeatedly while the Colossus slams his large arm and hand on the ground to try and cause damage. Attack his arm to cause damage and stun him. Once he is stunned, go to your left up on the other platform with a ballista. Use the R1 button then the O button to shoot the loaded stone at him. You will need to stun him a couple of times and go back to the ballista. The last time you stun him in this round causes an animated sequence to begin. Watch for controller button actions. As they appear, you will need to be quick or you will have to stun the colossus again. When you succeed in this task, the colossus then throws you into another area where you will fall into some water.

In this area you begin underwater. You will need to swim your way through a blocked gate. Use the R1 and X button to speed your way through this barrier. Then go to the surface using the triangle button. Once out of the water you will see a ladder. Go up and save your game at this saving spot. To the left of this is a lever that will activate a machine that carries some objects on hooks above you. One of these hooks will stop nearby you. Swing over on this hook to the other side (R1, then X to let go).

Moving forward you will encounter more enemies. Get past them and you will see a broken ladder ahead of you. Climb up and then move up the wall to your left. Once you are at the top you will then have a second mini-boss encounter with the colossus.

The Colossus Part 2

By the time you reach this section of the God of War 2 walkthrough, the Colossus will try to swipe at you with his arm while you are on a small platform. Jump down to the area below. This is another large two platform area. Avoid his slamming arm attacks. To beat him in this section you will again need to stun him a few times. Go to the platform on the right using the grappling hook (R1). Carefully attack the Colossus arm until he is stunned, and then go back to the left platform where you will need to press the O button. This will cause the Colossus arm to slam against a wall, causing him damage. An animation appears where Kratos will go up the Colossus arm and you will need to follow another sequence of control buttons. Once successful you will need to stun him again on the right platform. The second time he is stunned you will stay on that side, and will again press the O button and follow the animated sequence of control buttons. After you succeed the Colossus gets a bit upset and grips onto you. Escape by pressing the L1 and R1 buttons back and forth quickly. You will then be thrown into another area.

Kratos Faces Pressure Plate Doors, Archers and the Pressure Plate Puzzle

God of War 2 screenshot

Kratos is now in a room with another gated door. Get past it and you will be in a corridor with a couple of passages. Directly ahead is a blocked room with soldiers and archers. Go down to the right and straight down a corridor to a saving spot. Save your game then backtrack a bit to another passage to your right. You will encounter some archers. Kill them. Look for a door to your left that has a circular pressure plate in front of it. This opens the door. You will need to grab a large gold bird statue and drag it over to the plate. Once the door opens, grab the statue and hold the R1 button. Then press the X button to quickly push the statue through the door. Next, get yourself through the door by standing on the plate again and quickly roll into the other room (right analog stick). In this next room is another pressure plate. Put the statue on it to move into another room where you will see a health chest. Move down the corridor where you will run into some more enemies. Continue until you see an elevator with a circular pattern on the ground. Pull the lever and it will take you to a top level to where you will encounter the Colossus again.

God of War 2 Walkthrough – Zeus, Archers and the Blade of Olympus

God of War 2 screenshot

In this top room you will see the Colossus ahead of you, peering at you with his eye. Attack his eye, which breaks the wall and you drop down into another area where you will talk to Zeus. Zeus tells you he will assist you on your quest and give you the Blade of Olympus. After this you will see a wall to your right that has a couple of ladders. Climb up the ladder to your left that will bring you up to a ledge. Keep moving up these ledges until you get to the roof filled with soldiers. Attack them and move forward towards a door that is guarded by archers. Once you get past them, Kratos can kick the door open and go inside. You will see a health chest to your left and a window directly ahead of you. Break the glass and go through to a large area that is filled with narrow wooden beams. Just below are some archers who try to shoot at you. You will need to kill them first before attempting to cross the beams. Use the nearby ladder (or drop down) to the area below. Once you finish them off, go back up the ladder and carefully cross the wooden beams to reach a platform that is to your right. You will then see a saving point. To the left is another ladder. Go up and reach a room with a metal rope. Climb down on this rope down to another area. Encounter some more enemies, and find a health and mana chest. Go through another door. This will lead to a large circular platform where you will encounter the Colossus again.

The Colossus Part 3

On this platform you will see the Blade of Olympus buried into the ground. The Colossus will have a new attack this time. He emits blue magic beams on the ground that can cause a lot of damage. Avoid this by jumping in between them. Close by the Colossus is his broken hand on the ground. Grab it and hurl it at him to damage and stun him. When he is stunned, go back to the sword and grip on to it using R1. This will drain your mana and health. (Basically you are putting all your energies into the sword). You will need to stun the Colossus a couple of times in order to get enough strength to pull out the sword from the ground. Now use the sword to damage him a bit more until it activates another animation sequence. The result of this chops the Colossus in a vulnerable spot on his torso and allows you to move inside his body.

Inside the Colossus

God of War 2 screenshot

Now that you are inside the Colossus you will need to destroy him from within. Climb up a series of wooden platforms, taking care of enemies along the way. Look out for a blue magic beam blocking your path. Double jump over it, then reach a center area where you will see a large blue magic structure. Go up to it and press the R1 button. This will trigger Kratos to stab the structure until it crumbles. Unfortunately, this is not the only structure you need to destroy.

Continue moving up the Colossus until you reach a wall that looks like it has netting. Climb up this wall to another area that has a rope that goes across. Jump up and cross the rope to the other side. You will reach another blue magic beam structure. Go up to it and break the metal chains on it. Then press the R1 button to destroy it.

After this move up to reach another wall that has netting. Climb up to encounter some soldiers and another blue magic structure. Notice the wooden structure surrounding it. To get to the structure, you will need to use the ledges on the wooden structure to go around to the other side. Press the R1 button once you get to a spot where you will need to drop down lower to continue. Once on the other side, go to the structure, chop the chains and R1 to destroy it.

Going forward you will see another rope you need to climb. At the top of this, jump over to the platform across from you. To the right you will see the final portion of the Colossus that you need to destroy. To get to it you will need to cross a rope. Unfortunately, your path is blocked by the blue glowing eye beams of the Colossus. Look for a lever that will drop down a pendulum. Pull the lever to drop it down. Take the ladder down and strike the pendulum with your sword to move it into motion. Quickly move up the ladder and pull the lever again. Jump up onto the rope. When the pendulum covers the first eye, quickly move past it. Then get past the second eye to get across. Now destroy the final blue magic structure (the same way as you did before), which finally kills the Colossus. Move your way up the final few wooden platforms to go out of the Colossus mouth to escape. You then land in another area where you will encounter Zeus..

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