A Walkthrough for Gears of War Act 3, Chapters 1 and 2

A Walkthrough for Gears of War Act 3, Chapters 1 and 2
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Belly of The Beast: Downpour

Listen to the dialog, then move forwards through the woods. When you reach the water supply area, continue moving. You will get the first glimpse at a new type of enemy - the Lambent Wretch. Thought that Wretches are annoying? Well, now they have evolved and explode after death. My advice is to be careful, shoot them from the distance and use their new found ability against them - make them explode near other enemies.

Continue moving and reach the door. After the cinematic, run forward. Grab some ammo from the guard cabin and near the second vehicle. Face the Lambent Wretches for the first time and show them who’s the boss. If you accidentally kill one in very close distance, immediately roll off in any direction.

Get on the small catwalk, fight off some more enemies and turn left. Continue moving. When you are once again on a firm ground, start paying attention to the brick buildings on your right. The second one will have a Gear symbol on it; inside it is some ammo and an elevator. Exit the building, turn right from the entrance and get on the small wooden dock. At the very end of it you will find your nineteenth COG Tag.

Go back and continue onwards until you reach the third building. Enter it and turn the power on, run back to the second building, kill the Lambent Wretch and use the elevator. When the elevator stops, walk down to the lower roof and enter through the broken window. Walk forward a bit and complete the chapter.

Belly of The Beast: Evolution

Listen to the dialog, then take the left path. Kick out the door and pick up some ammo. Try to open the door at the end of the corridor. Not working? So you’ll have to walk around to the right path. Open the working door there and continue moving, grab the ammo to the left. Reach the next door and kick it out. Proceed through the next door, meet the Stranded guy and watch the cinematic.

Now follow the Stranded and let him open the door for you. Continue following your guide while listening to the dialog. There will be a small room to your left with some ammo if you need it.

After the Stranded’s unlucky demise, pause a bit. If you break through the planks and fall down, you will find yourself fighting an endless stream of Lambent Wretches, with the only exit option being a ladder in one of the corners of the room. The ladder leads you to the beginning of the unsafe planks area.

Twentieth COG Tag

For the time being, turn right, walk past the machinery and immediately turn right. Walk to the end of the room - here is your twentieth COG Tag, reachable by walking directly on the supporting plank. Now turn around and walk near the wall to reach the exit.

In the next room, grab the ammo and the grenades you rightfully deserve, and exit through the door. After some more ammo and another door, move forward and prepare for some fighting with the Lambent Wretches. When playing co-op on Insane difficulty, we devised a daring, if extreme tactic: both players run back to the previous room, one gets in, the other one stands in the door and falls, blocking the path for Wretches. The guy who still stands first kills all of the monsters, then helps the sacrificial player to get up. That’s Corpse Tanking (TM). Might be unnecessary on lower difficulty levels, though.

After the fight is over, get through the door at the end of the room and turn right. Run forwards, turn left and use the valve. Grab the ammo in the room to the right. You also have the opportunity to switch your revolver for a pistol, however, I strongly advocate against it. There’s also a shotgun here - now that might be a worthy thing to pick up, depending on your preference.

Exit through the other door, get down and reach the ammo. Proceed to the next room, pick up more ammo if you’re able and meet the other team members. Turn the valve to open the gates. Enter the gates and take on some more Lambent Wretches, as well as the

Twenty-first COG Tag


Proceed through the tunnel where the drones came from, turn left and kick at the door. As the gate opens, fight off the Boomer and drone.

After the fight, the door will open. Proceed through, pick up everything you need and head down to the carts. COG Tag number 21 is at the left side of the stairs. Go to the cart control room to end the chapter.

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